Character Pickup


I just bought the game today and was curious on which charter i should start with in order to get use to the game. and if possible link me a fourm or video for bnbs for that character. Thank you in advance


I’m just any everyday Xbox live player with no tounaments to his name or combo videos to show off, so take my advice for what its worth.
Most of the characters still seem pretty solid right now, and I don’t feel right now like it takes a huge commitment to transition into a new character. At this point I’d say if Batman’s your favorite Superhero, play Batman. If you like green lantern, play green lantern.
If you really want a straightforward answer, I guess I’d say Superman. Good tools with an airdash to help with rushdown, and his heatvision is a pretty solid zoning tool. His combos are pretty straightforward, his trait gives him a nice damage boost, and it’s really easy to punish with his ultra.
You can probably just look on youtube and do a search for “Superman injustice combos” and come up with a good couple hours of training material.

If there’s any character I would recommend **against ** right now it would probably have to be Deathstroke. Not because he’s a bad character, but because there’s so many deathstrokes online that he’s pretty exposed at this point. As a new player coming in, anybody you find online who’s relatively decent is going to know damn near all your wakeup options and when and how to block your guns, when to dash in, and what is and isn’t safe better than you will.


However, by that token there is also the fact that there are a rare few deathstrokes that actually try to get in with mixups. If you can do more of that and less of spam zoning or sword specials, you might have a chance.

P.S. Block any superman eye lasers standing up. If they meter burn it turns into an overhead.