Character ranking based on footsie ability?


aside from Chun being 1 and I assume Ken 2nd for best footises in the game, how do the other chars stack up? who are some other strong footsie characters? how would you list them personally?


I think Dudley is right below Chun and Ken in terms of footsies. I also think Urien, Ryu, Oro and Hugo can play footsies moderately well. Everyone else just works best when they don’t try to play that game, imo.


It’s either Dudley or Makoto, special mention to Elena.


Hugo’s footsies are kind of bad because both of his most used normals center around controlling the same space, and those are and Someone like Ken can just stay out of this range and force Hugo to whiff and then punish with something like or into sa3.


He can ignore them with divekicks, but wouldn’t Yang qualify for strong footsies with whiff punishing, or parry “buffer” option cr MK + Slash, (EX) Slash by itself to blow up anything else their opponent does by pushing a button erratically?




for me i think is chun for the best pokes follow by Hugo .:coffee:


Obviously characters like Ken and Dudley are going to beat him, but against everyone else(except I guess Necro), he’s going to be able to go even with, or even flatout beat them in terms of pokes. This even includes Chun with the proper spacing. He doesn’t even have to abuse MP/cr.MP and cr.MK; there’s also LP and LK, cr.LP and cr.LK, not to mention the Clap.


Clap cancel into another great poke if you need to - too.

“a learned, well read man might even say Hugo is the best after reading a thread all about him and his toolset…”


I wouldn’t consider clap as a footsie tool because of how slow it is. Using the same logic you could say that is a footsie tool; it can work, but it’s not the best. Clap is more like a pressure tool in the corner or at wakeups, sometimes you can punish with it too, like parried ken hp shoryu or parried last hit of Mak’s SA2. Lp and lk as footsie tools work a little bit better, but again against better characters they are beaten because of the priority system of normals in 3s. S.lp is so bad that I don’t use it almost at all, most characters have moves that go easily under it. is good for interrupting stuff with a low attack, c.lp is good for hitconfirming into SA3 and also interrupting certain stuff. also works with clap as a pressure tool.





now there’s a man who can control space




Alex has really strong footies, he’s just let down because of his lack of cross - ups and safe corner escapes.


I was always under the impression that Dudley had weak footsies… he uses jumping to close space more often than trying to battle someone with footsies? Ibuki has pretty good pokes, hard to punish and they come out fast.


fran3s really likes footsies and or our misinterpretations of footsies. I blame the thread starter for a silly question and “humans love classifying things”

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I watched a Dudley recently go jungaru and avoid footsies at all possible even in Dudley mirror where his opponents crMP Cork blew him up as an actual anti air to his nonstop jump ins. But with that one, stand MP, HP’s, fast HK main combo starter, Dudley controls the ground well. Some just really try to play only on the strength of the character, large damage off the abusable jump in.


I wonder about footsies in this game though, when one of the best US players (5 star) says in an interview “I refuse to play footsies” and still wins a lot.

if you can just bypass another character’s footsie tools, footsies can’t be that good unless both players are trying to play that way.


… you can’t not play footsies, the game is footsies. Footsies is whenever you deny their approach using one of your characters tools, it’s mind games, strong use of normals, using what your character has available.

You can not pay attention to footsies by not thinking about it or just plain be bad at it, but it’s still a core part of the game.


this is something that has been lurking in my mind for awhile


iirc that’s from an interview in like 07 or 08. I imagine he’d answer differently now, and regardless his footsies are very VERY good.

I think Dud has the option to just ignore it and keep coming at you until he can start his gay 50/50 shit, but I don’t think you can become top tier that way. Kuroda Dudley is a good example of Dudley’s footsie abilities. I dunno if I’d say his footsies are stronger than any of the shotos*

*except Sean of course, for those of you who consider Sean a shoto