Character Review: Ryu (Street Fighter)

Here’s a review i made about Ryu from Street Fighter. I got more coming soon…


That shit was horrible.

You can’t even hear anything you’re saying.

I didn’t see no more than 10 seconds of that vid. what the fuck is the point of a character review?

I couldn’t watch it because the game music was drowning out your voice. A character review video is pretty pointless though. Internet sources and strategy guides are more than enough.

Poster Review: HorrorcoreFighter (Shoryuken)

v v v v v

I smelled juggalo from a mile away! who would have thought that?!?!

Thumbs down, soldier :tdown:

Here’s my music review… Horror-core music is shitty.

This shit is fucking hilarious.

How can you make a video poking fun at new players not respecting old systems when you were not even born when most of them came out.

I couldn’t hear what you were saying when music was playing.

ok no one like the review, fine i respect your opinion. but seriously i had some audio problems and i rushed this review. thanks for crushing my self esteem guys, i hope you accomplished something out of it… NOT!

I was just trying to bring something new to the table that no one would do.

i wasn’t making fun at new players, wtf u talking about?

Hey man don’t listen to them, I thought you did great lol.

:u: Damn. Why you have to lie to the man like that? His review SUCKED.

So is it our fault that you posted it anyway?

i’m not blaming it on anybody. yea i know it’s my fault, but hell, everyone gets hated on the first time when someone makes a review.

I hope this doesn’t mean you are trying again.

I couldn’t hear you over the SF games in the background. Also, lol at beating Adon and Sagat in the original Street Fighter with just Shoryus.