Character(s) You Want, but Think Will Not Make It & Characters You're Dissapointed That Made It

This may be a weird topic. Just curious. What character would you love to see in the game, but you believe will not make it in. What characters are you dissapointed that made it in?

Characters I want in but believe will not make it

I actually have 3: Fei Long, Yang, and Sagat

I like Fei Long and Yang because I like their rekka playstyle the most, plus I think both are cool for respective reasons. I strongly believe neither will be in the initial release, and I think there’s a decent chance they will not be in expansions. I really only want them because of their playstyles and coolness, nothing else.

I play Sagat much less, but I think I would actually want him in the most. I want them to reignite the fury between him and Ryu and bring back his old rage; they made him too soft now and I don’t know what he’s even fighting for anymore. Anyways, I believe he won’t make it in the initial release, but he would look so badass in SFV. He could make it in to an expansion though.

Characters I’m not thrilled about being in

Basically, it feels like wasted slots bringing these characters in. It’s Cammy and Vega. I don’t care much for either and I don’t find their stories too compelling. Maybe Cammy’s is interesting with her vendetta against Bison. I’m not super pissed, but it’s just a let down to me that these characters are in. I’d rather have the few opening slots available to be filled by other characters.

Last Note
I realize many will be glad my wanted characters didn’t make it in, and many will disagree about the character’s that I’m not happy about making it in. I don’t expect my opinions to be right at all, and there is no right answer to these questions.

This kinda belongs in the character anticipation and request thread.

All the characters I really wanted are in (Bison, Chun, Claw) and all the characters I want that are not in yet I think will make it in inevitably (currently those are Urien, Q, and Oro).

If there is a character I want but don’t think will make it in, then it would be a new evil Doll who’s a charge character and basically plays like Decapre/Juni/Juli but with a totally unique model, stance, and animations. Nothing shared with Cammy.

I wasn’t thrilled about Birdie and Mika initially, then again I was always indifferent about them. Right now I’m glad they made it. I just don’t want anymore headswap shotos.

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