Character sections


Hi Moderators.

Any chance we could get separate character thread sections? It’d make it easier than paging through the general strategy section looking for the main character threads.


It’s the second or third most popular game right now so it is kind of ridiculous that we don’t have them.


Zangief -
Dhalsim -
Fei Long -
Vega(Claw) -
Ken -
Honda -
Bison (Dictator) -
DeeJay -
Chun Li -
Ryu -
Balrog (Boxer) -
Cammy -
Sagat -
T Hawk -
Guile -
Blanka -

Well those are the threads that are on here, I see what you are saying, but the threads are already there for those who want to use them.


Some dumbass started another boxer thread, so there are two of them.


I would actually prefer not to have this. They used to have it in the ST section and it was a ghosttown. It makes it so you have to click more to find stuff, and reduces participation.


At least sticky them though. I hate how one day the Deejay thread will be on page 1 and the next day its on page 7.


16 Stickies ?


I think that’s a better idea than sub-forums, IMHO.


Just make one stickied thread called character threads.

And link all of them in it if it comes to that.


I second this.

By the way, you know SRK has a Wiki right? People can just move the good shit they find about their character to the appropriate sections there.


Cool that doesnt sound bad does srk have a hd remix page though? If not we need one right now because some strategies in super turbo were taken out and new ones replaced them


Right now, it does not. The current HD Remix info is mixed into the ST character sections. But that is easy to solve: one just needs to create an HD Remix section and the appropriate character sections, say, Ryu_(HD) and not Ryu_(ST). It is certainly not a problem, according to the main page disclaimer:

If it is alright to make a new section for, say, an SNK game, surely HD Remix deserves one.


Yeah NKI already said no to the stickies idea when I asked him, but you know, we had that, oh darn what was it called again, oh yeah that new to the forum whatchamacallit, that would have been a great place for putting all of the character thread links.



Dumbass or not, that thread was awesome. Good job… :blush: