Character Select Fan Art Challenge: Street Fighter V

Here we go.
OGs, you know the drill :slight_smile:
Newcomers, this is an old-school character select fan art challenge. Try to draw every character during the allocated week (play catch-up if you must).

Some of you may be wondering, "Why is it called a “challenge”? What do I win?"
There are no prizes, this is just an art jam for fun. Consider it a challenge to post art of each character and commit to drawing a piece each week for 16 weeks :slight_smile:

Week starting 17 Jan - Rashid
Week starting 24 Jan - Rainbow Mika
Week starting 31 Jan - Chun-Li
Week starting 7 Feb - Ryu

Week starting 14 Feb - Laura
Week starting 21 Feb - Zangief
Week starting 28 Feb - Karin
Week starting 6 Mar - Nash

Week starting 13 Mar - Ken
Week starting 20 Mar - Cammy
Week starting 27 Apr - Vega (Claw)
Week starting 3 Apr - Necalli

Week starting 10 Apr - M.Bison (Dictator)
Week starting 17 Apr - Birdie
Week starting 24 Apr - Dhalsim
Week starting 1 May - F.A.N.G

Need a reference? Check out

It’s been ages since I’ve posted here, but I’m coming back along with some of the OG’s for this challenge

I’m game!

Alright! I down!

Rad! I’ve created a new SRK account just for this. Thanks for organizing, Rook!

This sounds like fun! One of my 2016 goals is to get back into drawing. I really hope I can participate! Just need to figure out a routine.

Alright, here we go! I’m a little early, but I’ll kick this off.

Sketch of Rashid, from Street Fighter V! Still learning to draw with my Lenovo Miix 700. The pressure feels great, but I’m having a hard to being very precise with it, so I thought I’d stick to loose...

What’s the best way to embed images on this forum these days? Imgur?

And we’re off to an awesome start! Setting the bar high, Ron :slight_smile:

as for displaying images – use IMG code on the image URL and it’ll work just fine.

Damn guys these are looking really good!

Looking rad guys! Been m.i.a. for a bit working on other stuff, but I’ll try to play catch up. Forget which email I used for sfmc, but I went ahead and made a new account. Way easier for me.

Killer entries so far! i realized when I got ready to colour mine, that I didnt have all the necessary tones for his skin. So I had to make due

Here’s my Rashid portrait. It’s part of my MuntaMemo Street Fighter V series on tiny Post-Its drawn with Florescent markers

(edit: I cleaned up the code. just paste the URL and the forums will embed from Instagram :slight_smile: – rook)

sweet work you guys!

Ron – love the sense of movement.

Deon – very comic-book like :slight_smile:

Cpt – how do you do that with highlighters?

Looking good cpt and Deon. Sooo small! Ok do we upload to an image hosting site first then img it? Or we still can’t do the whole add attachment thing?

I’m out of the loop with posting. I don’t even know how to do it anymore.

edit: I updated the IMG tags. Original link below the embedded image. --rook

hot stuff SFMC/saigonraidio!

Thanks, and also thanks for that edit! Much appreciated.

Good one, Pete!

R.Mika! This is the 3rd attempt at drawing. Of drawing her. Rook I documented the process and can show you how it’s done.

Is a microscope part of your arsenal too? 20/20 vision? Looking great.