Character Select Fan Art Challenge: Street Fighter V


sweet work you guys!

Ron – love the sense of movement.

Deon – very comic-book like :slight_smile:

Cpt – how do you do that with highlighters?


Looking good cpt and Deon. Sooo small! Ok do we upload to an image hosting site first then img it? Or we still can’t do the whole add attachment thing?

I’m out of the loop with posting. I don’t even know how to do it anymore.

edit: I updated the IMG tags. Original link below the embedded image. --rook


hot stuff SFMC/saigonraidio!


Thanks, and also thanks for that edit! Much appreciated.


Good one, Pete!


R.Mika! This is the 3rd attempt at drawing. Of drawing her. Rook I documented the process and can show you how it’s done.


Is a microscope part of your arsenal too? 20/20 vision? Looking great.


Thanks SFMC! I draw these on the train on my way to work so my canvas is very small. I then leave them in public places for people to pick up and keep, or ignore entirely

Here’s how I do it:

How to draw a MuntaMemo. I use stabilo Florescent markers, and stabilo fine line Florescent pens. I use the colorkilla marker for blending and a white pen for highlights and sometimes a paint marker if there is a lot of white.

For these I use a lot of reference especially for things like the lighting. It’s great now in the age of smart phones to collect a bunch of photos and stuff to refer to :slight_smile:


Whoops, kinda forgot to check this thread! Looking good!

Digging the quick geometric shapes, Saigon!

I’m actually gonna recycle an R Mika I did from a while back for R Mika week, haha. Did this when she was first playable in the beta.


Hey, I got a question tho…

Do you think this might get more interest as a facebook group, since a lot of us don’t post to SRK anymore? Since Facebook was where the idea to revive this came about, it might make sense to make a facebook group that we can upload and comment to. I don’t want to speak for everyone, but I know I’d see it a lot more that way.

What do you all think?


Cool tut CP.

Ron, I think that’s a good idea too. We should post there and here too. There’s only like 5 of us doing it here it seems out of the bunch.


Yeah, maybe we call the group “old men of SRK” :wink: I think Facebook is the way to go.

Nice Mika Ron. I really like the sharp highlights! I’m probably gonna recycle a bunch of my Street Fighter drawings since I’ve been working on drawing the cast for a few months now already.


good work Ron – love how you make her costume make sense. It’s such a bizzare design.
Cpt! Love the process shots.

and yeah, let’s do the Facebook group thing. I dunno how to set it up though. Can one of you do that?

Here’s my late Mika.


Nice work Ron and Rook. I’ll play catch up later.


Cool! I’ll set up a FB group for this and invite folks. I’ll probably miss some people or don’t have them as FB friends, so I’ll need some help with invites. :slight_smile:


Facebook group made!


Combining the first couple of weeks, will get caught up eventually!


that’s amazing! XD


Use to lurk here a long time ago. Just checked out the Facebook group. Drawings look awesome :open_mouth: !!!. Hope you guys keep it up lol


that’s gorgeous! :dizzy: XD