Character Select Fan Art Challenge

Hey fellas. So, I’ve decided to start up a little challenge for myself anyone else who wants to join in. The goal is to draw one Street Fighter character every week.

I’m gonna organize and host a gallery of art produced for this challenge, and I think it would be really cool if a lot of people joined in. Check out the site and find out more details here:

First drawing is Ryu, and it’s due on Friday :slight_smile:

C’mon… who’s with me?

E-mail entries to, or just post it here. Please include info that I can use to fill in the Participating Artists List

Have fun!

You know what, this sounds like a good idea. I need practice and this will be fun. So count me in.

hey good idea Ronman.

I’ll say right now i’ll definitely be able to do 1 char a week.

Sweet as. Ryu it is. I’ll have to do my street Fighter one pic first. Can this old ryu pic of mine count?

Really dig the interface you’ve used. Capcom should be paying us! were turning into quite the little designing studio here :wink:

Ron. this sounds like the excercise I need to get me back into the swing of things (especially with Street fighter) Im up for this…what exactly do you want of each character body shots? faces? gestures? - should it differ everyweek? just to clarify…

this is a great idea and that site gives more encouragement. Hope to see everyones sf characters! Great start cp.

Glad to see people have interest. :slight_smile:

CptMunta: Sure thing, I’ll save that and count it as your Ryu entry.

Gunstar: Whatever you want, man. Anything from a simple sketch to a full blown illustration is great.

Here’s my Ryu:

EDIT: Added color.

Hey very interesting… I’ll see if I can join as well :bgrin:


I’m so in. I drew a Ryu last night turned out garbage-y, gotta gives it another go. You can add me to the participating artists list, Sean Kelley,,, BanditCHain360.

I thought it might be a good idea to send an email to the club about it, seems like something they might want to get into. BTW you shoulda grabbed PSX characters select so we got Guile and Evil Ryu >_<

sounds like fun CW… count me in.
good to see 12 in this too :slight_smile:

Name : Jonathan Lee
Website : -
E-Mail :
Handle : rook

Thanks for joining, guys.

Sean: The email that you got was already addressed to most of the club members that came regularly, but if you want to send it out again to the entire club, feel free. I don’t have any means of taking a screen shot other than through FinalBurn, so that’s why the list is the arcade roster only.

hey ron i’ll take a screenshot for you of the dc alpha 3 if you want. More characters.

The email I got? I didn’t get no email. :karate: Whatever, I sent one out either way.

Hm, interesting idea. I can’t promise anything, but I will try to work on this when I get the time to contribute. I’ve been wanting to try to draw Ryu better anyway. ^^ I’ll send an e-mail to you soon, my friend.

Ok here is my Ryu.
Name: Peter Nguyen
Email is Awesome work so far from everyone.

I thought you were suppose to draw an A3 ryu femcee, not 3s!

looks good otherwise, mang

Really? That’s weird, because I just checked the email from my sent box, and you were definately on the list.

DFist: Yeah, if you could get that screen shot for me, that would be cool. I already got the interface for this one all set up in the website, so I don’t really want to redo it, but after the arcade roster is finished, I’ll append the rest of the characters on the side.

SFMC: Sweet ass Ryu. What happened to your site?

Haha, I didn’t even notice that, but that’s not a bad point.

Oh well, maybe if we do 3S next, you can do an Alpha Ryu for it to keep with the backwardness. =P

Whoa, dood. I’ll have a sketch done by tomorrow.

dug up the rough I did for the EVO T-shirt competition. I like it better than the vector version… I’m not good enough with Illustrator to capture the nuance of the pencil strokes :frowning:

EDIT: Whoops… we’re supposed to draw A3 Ryu, huh? I could whip something up tonight… but in the meantime here’s an older Ryu.

EDIT2: getting busy… no time for another Ryu. sorry :frowning: