Character Selection Advice

So I have been playing ssf4 for a long time now and I still cant decide who to use as my main. Im a pretty decent player (Not the best but not terrible either). Online my player points are in the 2500pp range average. I think a big part of why I cant seem to improve beyond that is because I can never decide on a main character. I just love playing way to many different characters. I tend to play Abel, Cody, Guile, Bison, Dudley, Seth, Sakura, Dee Jay, and Guy (Few mmore but those are who I usually go between). Im decent with all but I know I can be even better if I just settled on 1 or 2. Any advice on how I should go about choosing my mains?

Play with each character on the roster until you find a character that you like best.
Whether it’s from watching youtube vids, tournament matches, looks, hair color, tier…whatever.
As long is it’s by your own discovery and decision…no one should be picking characters for you.
Don’t be lazy.

Some good advice also…

This is probably going to be locked.

And just play whatever you think you’re best at. If you hit a brick wall, change characters for a while, then switch back and see if you’re still good with the first character, or would rather stay with the new one. That’s about all I can say.

The trick is to find a character you enjoy playing to the point where you’ll be able to keep using him/her even if someone keeps handing your own ass to you.

Look into your play style.

Are you a turtle? You prefer rush down? You prefer simpler characters or technical ones? Who do you like the most? Who do you win with most?

These are all questions to whittle down your list.

Oh it is most definitely getting locked. For the millionth time.

First, Read the IV board rules before hitting new thread. Specifically 4A. Honestly, this has a lot less to do with me finding a reason to be a rule nazi and more trying to push people to realize this question is super lazy. Especially for the IV boards, where you need to have played at least enough to confidently move the character selection cursor around and experiment. This is the most basic, entry level decision you have to make in the game. It’s the one decision you need to man up and make on your own.

Secondly, there is a thread that skates the “choose my character” topic already, but is just about how other people chose their character. Give it a read for some inspiration. Don’t ask for people to help you choose your character there either, cause I will delete it violently, snarkily and publicly.

Third, if you still feel you need someone to tell you what characters to play, the Saikyo Board may be more your speed. They have (had?) a really good thread on the topic. When you’re ready to make the decision on your own, utilize the wealth of character specific info in the IV boards combined with your own experimentation of the game and make this decision on your own.