Character selection for a complete beginner


Okay so I am sure this is a topic that has been discussed like a million times already but each person has different prefferences and i don’t think one topic can apply to each and every sf player out there. So , I want to pick up sf4 , I have never ever played a fighting game before , beside mk4 , and that solely as a button mash fest with friends , many years ago . The one character I have taken a liking to is Ibuki but from what i’ve seen she is a very hard character to pick up , if I try finding a guide for her all I can find are things about a so-called kunai vortex and other advanced techniques , nothing a guy who doesn’t even know how to use the normal attacks can use.
Now , I will be playing this game on a cheap and old keyboard , that doesn’t bother me but I’ve seen around that there are certain motions you cannot do on a keyboard and which are possible only with the sitck on a gamepad or arcade stick and that would make you unable to properly play with a set of characters ( I do not know which ones ) . Well , all that being said , do you guys have any idea on what simplier characters I could try out ?


Time will tell all we can really do is practice the fundamentals etc… but i’m in the same boat as you being a new player I dont have much input on pc unfortunately.


Yes , definitely but starting out with a character and wanting to get good at him is definitely a plus , it will make the game a lot more fun , problem is even if you like a character he might not be meant for beginners and choosing him could limit the things you could learn about the game , as a beginner you can’t go right into advanced combos which are the main part of certain characters , or there are characters that simply have a playstyle that differs from everything else and they require perfect execution , picking one such would be more frustrating than fun.


Street Fighter in general is a hard game to learn. Easiest characters to pick up are Ryu and Ken though but you shouldn’t stick with them for tooooo long because nobody likes them >_>


Like I would let others dictate what character I would main in a fighting game…


If you’re gonna be on a keyboard for a while go with a charge character like Guile, Bison, or Balrog. All are fairly simple to use, and you can win with them.


input method largely irrelevant so long as you’re comfortable with it… case in point, a friend of mine plays an extremely frightening ibuki on a cheap, 8$ keyboard. As far as motions being impossible, you can use many of the same methods hitbox users do so don’t worry about it.

Use what you want, play who you want. Just be prepared for the learning curve because it’s brutal when you’re new (we’re talking weeks if not months before you get a legit win).


I made the mistake of picking up Ibuki when i first got in SF…or FG’s in general. Not a good 1st character, not saying you can’t but it just makes the whole process of learning the game more tedious.
Anyway just get a pad or arcade stick and don’t bother learning on a keyboard. Everything can be done on a keyboard but why do you want to make it more difficult for yourself. You are handicapping yourself by using a difficult first character, playing a FG on a keyboard and having no prior experience in fightig games.


An arcade stick is out of question , I’m not paying 160 E for one , a gamepad maybe but not right now . I was wondering about something to learn the basics of the game , I picked ibuki as the one I want to main simply because I like her style , I don’t really know how strong or weak she is , but I am fine with going for a different character until I will learn the game mechanics properly . I was told to try out BisonBalrog* , I’m thinking of playing him for a while , I’m not a huge fan of all that charge business but for the sake of learning the basics I can deal with it I guess , if there’s a better one out there , something more fun , I wouldn’t mind either. I might look into Ryu and/or Ken as well , how about evil , if he a whole lot different than ryu?


I got a few Mad Catz TEs and never paid more than $80 used. Take your craft seriously.


I’m guessing that guy in in Europe if he used E for his money to mean euros, they’re harder to come by and more expensive over there than they are here in America and the guy said he’s just starting to get into fighting games so he might not even know if he likes stick or not.


You can play with a keyboard fine; might be worth it to learn the Hitbox style layout since it will make a lot of ibuki’s motions easier down the line. Make sure your keyboard can support you pressing all the buttons you need at the same time.


What exactly is the Hitbox style layout , you mean the space where your attack will hit someone or if hit will cause you to get hit?


Because a picture is worth a thousand words:

It’s an all-button controller for fighting games, basically. Works much like a keyboard (big red button is up).
One reason people don’t recommend keyboards is because most modern keyboards suck. They’re flimsy POSes optimized for cheap manufacturing costs, not for being able to handle multiple button presses at a time (especially if the buttons are close to each other) or for doing it quickly. Sadly, quality mechanical keyboards cost a ton of money too. A solid mechanical keyboard is a good fighting game controller and your fingers will thank you for it in daily typing tasks.

Usual nice and simple beginner characters that force you to learn fundamentals:
Ryu, Ken, Balrog, Guile, Evil Ryu.
M.Bison, Vega, Akuma, Rufus, Sagat can be excellent as well, but need a bit more patience or have gimmicks you need to refrain from to learn their fundamental game plan.


characters guide for SF4 per Justin Wong

Beginner Characters:
Ryu, Adon, Rose, Balrog, Blanka, Ken

Intermediate Characters:
Seth, Makoto, Ibuki, Sakura, Abel, Cammy, Rufus, El Fuerte, Yun, Yang, E. Honda, Chun-Li, Sagat, Dee Jay, Guile, Zangief, Vega, Cody, Fei Long, Akuma, M. Bison, Dudley

Advance Characters:
Dan, Gen, Hakan, Evil Ryu, Oni, Gouken, Dhalsim, T. Hawk, Guy, Juri, C. Viper


It seems kind of silly to have Blanka in beginner but Guile in intermediate


I guess in the end I’l have to try and learn ryu or smth , its true that he is quite a balanced character , I mean hadoken , shoryuken , some nice normals . I’m going to try playing him for a bit , do I need to learn some combos for the beginning ? Or should I rather focus on normal attacks.

#18 xx hadouken and xx heavy tatsu is pretty much all you’ll need for combos. Definitely focus on using normals, key ones being cr.hp,,, sweep. Also, fireball is a poke.


Oh and one thing , I have never been able to do a thing about characters such as Blanka , Zangief , and those who get into your face and start pressuring you , if i’m in a corner I don’t know how to respond to it and I almost always get in there because I don’t know how to attack properly.


Space control is one of the most important parts of Street Fighter, one of your main goals especially against grapplers and characters with heavy pressure is to keep out of the corner for as long as you can, that’s why you never want to start rounds off against them jumping back a lot or walking yourself into the corner (which a lot of new players do) because that’s where they’re most effective at. You just have to stay calm and think of how to reverse the situation because cracking under pressure and doing something like random ultra or mashing DP will just get you killed.