Character Selection

I am new to Street Fighter IV and I am having trouble picking someone to main. There are a few characters that I am interested in, but I was wanting to know who would be the easiest to pick up/most rewarding when starting out. I have been trying Abel, Fei Long, Ken, Honda, Dudley, Cammy, and Adon. Are there any of those that I should be wary of when I am a scrub? Any suggestions?

Play around with the characters you are interested in the most…and narrow it down for yourself.

Even if we hold your hand and tell you “pick a top tier”…because you are new you are still going to get bodied from the start, and then you’ll come back here crying that we picked the wrong character for you.

This isn’t rocket science.

Well. There’s Ryu, Evil Ryu, Evil-er Ryu (Akuma), Demon Ryu (Oni), Blonde Ryu (Ken), Girl Ryu (Sakura), Tiger Ryu (Sagat), Old Ryu (Gouken), and Troll Ryu (Dan).

Take your pick.

After a long day of random ultra Ryu’s I just wanna vent, okay?

When I first started out I went into arcade mode with each character and the ones I liked I went into training mode with them and learned them. After that I broke it down to the most appealing one and used him

Play whoever you think looks cool. You can learn the game with anyone.

play Yun :tup:

But in all honesty, pick someone who looks cool or has the best cleavage.

dont pick oni, oni is banned.

to be honest i myself cannot pick a main cause i keep messing around with characters.

ryu or ken is always a good choice .

Lol well the cleavage part we all know who that is…C.Viper but that’s not where you wanna start off.

ONE UPPED, SIR. They bumped her up a cup size for that skin :smiley:
Anyway, back on topic…I understand why I would ban Oni, but why is Oni banned?

go to training mode. mess around
do trials. mess arounds
ask questions on dedicated subforums for the characters
go play some matches. Dedicate a day to just one character, take notes.
submit notes for feedback in subforums
check all the info. narrow down charcters by half.
More matches
more feedback
you should be able to decide on who’s your main and if you keep subs after this

Also, it helps to watch someone play the character you like to play. I picked up EVERY character I play after watching people play the characters, it made them look way more fun to see their potential when decent people play them. Most notably I picked up Seth from poongko when I saw him on 0ShinAkuma0’s channel. (Not from his channel, but a good video of poongko: )

Sidenote: We should sticky a post that says “How To Choose Your Character” with the text “1. Open game. 2. Find someone who looks cool. 3. Play that character.” Because that’s how all of these threads go.

Out of the ones you have there I used them so have a good idea, not pros and cons as in what I would prefer but pros and cons as in what would separate them from other characters of course this is just the cut and dry points.

Pros: Command grab, command grab ultra, good overhead
Cons: Lacks good anti air, lacks good reversal

Pros: Most of his moves are safe, easy to spam
Cons: Low priority reversal that jumps so you can’t focus out of

Fei Long
Pros: First two Rekke punches are safe, has a command grab
Cons: Slow movement speed, lacks good command attacks for a non projectile user

Pros: Good command attacks, balanaced
Cons: Projectile and spin kick can be limited due to jumping over or attack from crouch

Pros: Command grab, headbutt is safe on block easy to spam, decent overhead attack
Cons: Requiring to charge moves

Pros: Safe on block very easy to spam machine gun blow, good mix ups, good anti projectile, balanced
Cons: No cross up attack

Pros: Fast
Cons: No anti crouch

In SF4 I’d recommend:


E. Ryu


M. Bison

Command grab


Characters are just your options, or speed but overall to get good you need a general idea of how to play the game. That’s how I could win sometimes even with a character I haven’t used before versus some moron who probably played for a longer time. Though I do tend to play a lot when I have the game.

I think honda is a pretty good choice for new players. His special moves are fairly simple and solid. It also has the added benefit of being a more defensive character so you can observe the player base with longer matches. Spacing is important aspect in SF4 and honda helps reinforce this rule of thumb. The downside to Honda is until you are familiar with shoto matches it can be a frustrating dealing with the projectile spam.

try bison out. Might like him, pretty simple


Don’t just give a vague question, what you are searching for? Ease of use just go with Ken.