Character Selection


Hey guys I just recently started playing ssf4 and I’m stuck. I can’t decide on a charter I started with ryu to get a feel for the game but ryu isn’t my type . I love the aggressive rush down play and need some guidance on we’re to go to find that ??? Or where to start


Try everyone, decide yourself.


Yeah that’s my problem I can’t decide -.-


No one should be holding your hand on the character select screen…go through the roster on your own.


what you should do is either run arcade mode or vs… or maybe even endless with someone who wants to play a loadddd of games and just play each toon. But dont just dick around. figure out their basic inputs, so quarter circle input guys ( ex: ryu,ken, akuma, cody, ) charge input guys ( boxer, dictator, deejay, mr vega) or the funmode 720 circle input guys ( GIEEFFFFF, noone else matters… play gief if you go this route) figure out which types of inputs feel the most fun for you and after that pick the specific guy who uses the inputs you like and take that mo fo to training and work it out. some fun guys i would reccomend from each input category that you could start out with would beee as such:. for the quarter circle guys. i wouldnt reccomend ryu ken akuma or none of those hado guys ( personal pref too plain starting out only gets interesting once youve put in a nice bit of time to play them right until then just tooo plain and boring… i guess they are fun when you are not being flowcharty but i would say try out cody for quarter cirlces, gief for 720 circles and balrog ( boxer) for charge. Just my opinion to help ya out.


Oo also if you wanna rush downnsss liek a boss. cant go wrong with the sexiest character on the street fighter scene mrr Dudley, but he has a very steep learning curve haha… ibuki would be my 2nd suggestion for you in terms of rushing down.


Randomly spin the movement stick. Hit select button at anytime with eyes closed. Whoever you get is who you play. NOW GET OUT THERE AND WIN!!!


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