Character specific CC situations


Block Blanka Ball, activate, c.roundhouse, s.strong, [sj.roundhouse x3], b-f+roundhouse, paint, super


d/b during Hotfoot for low hits, hold straight down on midhits, activate, c.roundhouse, s.strong, [sj.roundhouse x3], s.roundhouse, paint, super


Block OR EAT c.short x3, c.jab, qct+jab while holding back, Roundhouse Scissor Kick, activate, s.jab, b-f+roundhouse, s.roundhouse, b-f+roundhouse, paint, super

post yours


The hotfoot super goes over your head and you CC?


The counter you listed doesn’t always work. When Hibiki does 3 c.LK’s, c.LP xx slash, it actually leaves her safe against Bison. Go to training mode and set Hibiki to all blocking or all parry. Have her record doing the bnb combo, then have your Bison do a reversal HK scissors. Unless Hibiki’s in the corner when she does this, she’s safe from Bison retaliation.


Blanka does back command hop up close, Bison: CC, slide, s.MP, super jump HK’s to corner, paint

Explain to me my new video then. You can parry or JD the scissors, but it’s unblockable (you can always parry/JD faster than you can block).

It’s possible that if Hibiki does the shorts into jab really slow and then does the strong slash so that only the tip hits, she’s safe but I’m not 100% sure.

And what’s this about being able to JD/Parry faster then blocking?

My bad. P or K-Hibiki is what I meant then. Anybody who knows me personally, knows I’ve played against those two characters way too much already. Makes me happy I started used A-Sakura everytime I think about it now :lol:.

What part of it don’t you understand? I can’t think of any other way to put it…

I think it’s because the animations for those things are shorter than the actual block animation. I’m not sure, but I think that’s what it might be.