Character Specific: Close Standing Roundhouse Combos



In any event that this has been posted already, please delete/ignore the thread. If any event you guys don’t believe me, I can demonstrate it myself :stuck_out_tongue:
Close Standing Roundhouse links into crouching fierce punch. (has been thoroughly tested)

On these characters only though:
(Standing) Hakan Honda Gouken Sim Zangief Cody and Elf.*

I don’t see many people posting it here but.

Just tested these today:
Max Damage: (corner only) J.rh into ~ c.fp ex tatsu into ultra for 576. (its hard to get the juggle after the ex tatsu, but once you get it down, it does hella damage)
Jump In Combos: (corner only)j.fp/rh into ~ c.fp lk tatsu dp for 386
(Mid screen/anywhere) j.fp/rh into ~ c/fp heavy tatsu for 366
(Mid Screen/anywhere) j.fp/rh into ~ c/fp xx fb fadc sweep for 386 or 389

Corner Combos (you can always add a jumping fierce for these): ~ c.fp lk tatsu into dp = 315 ~ c.fp fb fadc c.fp ex tatsu dp = 339 ~ c.fp fb fadc c.fp tatsu dp = 404

Super Combos:(corner only): j.fp/rh ~ c.fp xx lk tatsu xx super: 532
(anywhere): j.fp/rh rh ~ c.fp xx super = 492

(Ultra Combos): these you can figure out yourself ;), if you can tell me which ultra combo gets 516 you get my props


Its a 1 frame link, so don’t forget to plink :slight_smile:

*PS: For El Fuerte you really can’t combo into light tatsu after c.fp on him due to the hitbox of his body/abdomen, its too narrow.The other characters listed, the reason why the c.fp lands is because the body/abdomen hitbox is wide enough. It only works standing but if they crouch, will push them too far back… you can’t land the combos. It sadly doesn’t work on T.Hawk/Blanka/Chun/The Twins/Balrog can’t really explain it (but you could assume its due to their weird hitbox/narrow body hitbox)


Thanks, useful info. Why not make a YT video as well? :slight_smile:


Oh its because I have a terrible camera, these combos are somewhat practical but thats if you guys are used to doing st.rh combos


516 damage Ultra combo is,j.HK,cl.HK,c.HP xx EX Hado,Ultra

Also,what up nguboy,I used to play with you online a long time ago.Friends with catatonic kilr :smiley: