Character-Specific Combo Dud (Strange Find)

As far as I can tell, this has not been discussed in any other thread.

I found that Cammy’s st.hp, far st.hp xx hsa does not work on Dan and Makoto. I have not found any other characters where this is the case (I will continue looking). What is strange is that the two hp’s connect, but the second hp cannot be cancelled into hsa.

Does anyone know why this would be? It doesn’t seem like these two characters are out of reach or even out of hit stun. Is this a glitch? Is this news worthy?

Double st.fierce into special cancel works on everyone except Dan, Rose, and Sagat. On those characters, their hitboxes are too far back to get hit with the 1st active frame of far fierce, so it won’t combo or be special cancellable. It definitely does work on Makoto though.

Also, please post this sort of thing one of the combo threads, we have too many random threads laying about already.

No, it does not work on Makoto. I tried it again. And it /does/ work on Sagat…Whatchu talkin’ bout, Willis?

Close hp far hp xx hk arrow definitely works on Makoto, I was using her as a test dummy yesterday when looking up unblockables.

You must be talking about cr.hp far hp xx arrow, though you said st.hp far hp xx arrow in your post. It makes sense that way since it doesn’t work on Makoto or Dan (or like 2/3 the cast) but it does work on Sagat. So I dunno. Just go and have the dummy Cammy do cl.hp far hp xx arrow on say, Abel, then play it back against Makoto. It will work.

Also, this might help you

Thanks for the link! That is great.

I did mean st.hp, far st.hp xx hsa. I literally just tried again. It does not work on Makoto, but does on Sagat.

It works on standing Makoto, but it doesn’t work on crouching Makoto. Is this where the confusion is coming from?

Also doesn’t seem to work on Sagat at all for me.

I think the problem might be that I was trying off of a counter hit on makoto.

Double standing fierce also does not work on cammy mirror. GeoffTheHero and I have confirmed it. Further note, you can use cr. Fierce after the standing one and go into the xx spiral combo.