Character Specific Combo/Juggle Thread

Alright, the dudley forum is kinda scattered with character specifics combos and juggles. Thirtyfour did a good job showing the fundamentals of Dudley. This thread is for learning what works on certain characters so you can maximize damage accordingly. I’ll try to keep it as clear/organized as possible so it’s easy to find what you need. Feel free to post the Char. Spec. combo/juggle you tested and say who it works on so I can edit it in. If you guys see any incorrections, spot it out and expose me so i can fix it lol. This is to help out all dudleys so the more info we got the better. Names after the combo/juggle is who I gave credit to.

If the letter appears after the characters name, that means the combo/juggle corresponding to that letter works on that character

a. (Corner) EX MGB, cr. HK x2 (Mr. X)
b. (midscreen) EX MGB, LK ducking straight, HP JU (Masa)
c. (midscreen) LP JU, HP JU (Kikuichimonji)
d. f.MK, st.MP, st. HK xx (thirtyfour)
e. cr.LK>cr.MP>cr.HP TC, st. HK xx (thirtyfour)
f. EX MGB, U2 ( if * next to letter f then its 4 hits from U2, if # then 5 hits, if $ then 6 hits) (thirtyfour)
g. EX MGB, MK ducking straight ( if the character has combo “b”, assume that mk verison ducking works) (if * next to g, then you can hit that HP JU after MK ducking str8 whereas before it would whiff on that character if you did combo “b”) (neiburo)
h. f+MK, s.MP, s.HP, super ( if * next to h, you can do s.MP twice before the s.HP) (Liquid)
i. (AE) (midscreen) HK, EX MGB, LK duck straight, EX duck straight X3, LP MGB (4 bars, 495 dmg, 870 stun) ( if they have * next to the i, you can only do 1 EX duck str8 instead of 3 then just follow up with EX duck upper) (Spectre7)

Abel: a, b, c, d, e, f#, g, h*

Adon: g*, i,

Akuma: c, f$, g*,

Boxer: a, b, c, d, f$, g, h*, i

Blanka: c, f#, g,

Cammy: b, c, d, f#, g, h, i

Chun li: a, c, d, f$, g*, h

Cody: a, d, f#, g*, h

C. Viper: c, d, f#, g*, h

Dan: c, f#, g,

Deejay: a, c, d, f#, g*, h*, i

Dhalsim: a, b, c, d, f$, h*, i

Dudley: a, c, d, e, f$, g, h*

El Fuerte: c, f*, i*

E. Honda: a, e, f*, i

Fei Long: a, b, c, d, f#, g, h, i

Gen: c, d, f#, g*, h, i*

Gouken: a, b, c, d, e, f#, g, h, i*

Guile: a, b, c, d, f$, h, i

Guy: a, b, c, f#, g, i

Hakan: a, b, d, e, f#, g, h, i

Ibuki: c, d, f$, g, h

Juri: c, d, f*, g*, h, i*

Ken: a, c, f$, g,

Makoto: b, c, d, f*, g, h, i*

M. Bison: a, b, c, f$,

Rose: b, c, d, f#, g, h, i

Rufus: a, b, c, d, e, f#, g, h, i*

Ryu: a, c, f$, g,

Sagat: c, d, f$, g, h, i

Sakura: b, c, d, f#, g, h, i

Seth: a, b, c, d, f$, g, h, i

T. Hawk: a, b, c, d, f#, g, h, i

Vega: a, c, f$, g*, i*

Zangief: a, b, c, d, f#, h, i

Yun: c, f#, g

Yang: c, f#, g

Oni: c, f$, g*, i

E.Ryu: a, c, f$, g, i

Ain’t Adon awesome?


Adon vs Dud is 8-2

Also how about including the 1 2 3 target combo as letter E? I think it’s a worth putting since it’s the best option damage and stun wise for low oki.

Abel Dudley E.Honda Gouken Hakan Rufus

Some say Cody and I’ve had it work on Guile but it’s really not 100% (for some reason maybe hitbox reasons. Like how s.MP, s.MP doesnt hit on gouken is a 1 framer sometimes because of the way he gets hit.

Great thread btw, i’ve been meaning to learn who could get hit by LK Straight > HP Jet Upper.

I dont think it’s that necessary but some characters cant be hit by c.HK to LK Duck Upper/Straight just MP/HK. Same goes for EX MGB > LK Duck Upper/Straight (See Adon)

It might be a sometimes thing on Guile and Cody depending on how their hitboxes are during different hit stun animations. That 1,2,3, cr FP combo is so damn fun though.

ya that’s why wouldnt include them in the list since it isnt 100%. Better option would be to go for c.LK,c.LK s.HK instead.
just tested it 30 times each against cody / guile
only got it to connect once vs guile on PLAYBACK and none vs cody

Done manually vs Cody it works, but only in the corner on Oki or some reason. same with guile.
idk why

also f.MK s.MP doesnt work on fei

This. :china:

I was going to include option selects but I thought that would be too much info on 1 thread, should I make an option select thread with this format?

I cant meaty c.LK for some reason vs 6-9ish frame reversalss for some reason

maybe its cuz i dont understand recovery and active frames? idk

What about EX MGB -> lk duck-straight ->ultra2?

lk duck straight > u2 always works if I’m not mistaken. It’s just that the amount of hits differ. what’s needed is a ex mgb > mk duck straight list

I’m bad at doing EX MGB LK Duck Straight. I dont double tap when do special moves so when i go for the duck straight i get mgb since i press kick once and punch serveral times. registers as mgb jadsk;lfjal;fsld

anyone got the test for the EX MGB , MK ducking straight?

LOL me 2. I’ve actually tried to use your duck upper safe jump setup just because I suck at doing ex mgb lk duck straight. I prefer mk duck because it’s easier to plink but u’ll have to plink with jab in AE which sucks D:

u guys still plink? gutter trash…

Real men play with xbox controllers and only use fierce punch because combos deal too high dmg!

I use an xbox controller and time all my execution like a true gentlemen but I hate online lag cuz i drop stupid links. You plink? Don’t touch me. I can finally record my videos now found my CD and stuff wooh!

You guys use xbox controller too?


I’m going to test out EX MGB > Ultra 2 now brb

---------- Edit
Okay back
Honda Makoto Juri El Fuerte(4 hits)

Gouken Gen Dan Sakura Abel Cammy Deejay Cody Guy Hakan Blanka Zangief Rufus Fei Long T.Hawk Rose( 5 hits)

Ryu Ken Ibuki Dudley Seth Akuma Chun-li Dhalsim M.Bison Sagat Guile Vega Balrog(6 hits)

Doesnt work on Adon

getting 6 hits on Akuma is hard at first
And… Not sure if this should be included since Adon is Adon.

alright added thirtyfour, u forgot about viper, does it not work on her?
also, is the cr.HP, st. HK xx link charc. specific midscreen?

EX MGB > Ultra 2 is the most damaging juggle vs Dictator I believe

I find, EX MGB > U2 the most damaging towards him… I gonna check later…