Character Specific Combo/Juggle Thread

Whatever you combo the EX MGB out of, if you are goign to juggle into Ultra after it just doing a walk U2 is the most damaging option.

got it… haven’t been on xbox for like 2 days… on line pisses me off LIKE HEATED BULLSHIT…

back to the topic, ill try that later…

I did viper she 5 hits. forgot to put it soz

I’ll test EX MGB > MK Duck Straight tomorrow if noone else does.

Someone should sticky this thread!

So I tested ex mgb > mk duck straight. To make sure I wouldn’t do lk duck I plinked with jab.

It works on the following characters:
Chun li, ryu, ken, ibuki, makoto, dudley, seth, gouken, akuma, gen, dan, sakura, juri, abel, c.viper, sagat, cammy, deejay, cody, guy, hakan, blanka, rufus, vega, balrog, fei long, t hawk, adon, and rose.

It doesn’t work on the following:
honda, dhalsim, bison, guile, zangief, and el fuerte

While testing I noticed that ex mgb > mk duck straight > hp JU works on Akuma. I assumed that characters that get hit by ex mgb > lk duck straight > hp JU also would get hit my mk duck straight > hp. Therefore I didn’t test mk duck straight > hp JU on all characters.

Ex mgb > mk duck straight > hp JU works on:
akuma, chun li, gen, adon, deejay, cody, c.viper, juri, and vega

It doesn’t work on:
ryu, ken, ibuki, dudley, dan, blanka, sagat

ty neiburo, finally adon got a specific combo lol

Guys, most of this info has been posted already. East collected it in the Dudley Encyclopedia.

It has who EX MGB MK Duck Straight whiffs on and the EX MGB Duck Straight HP JU info
It has how many times people get hit by U2 after EX MGB LK Duck Straight and EX MGB MK Duck Straight

Also, I believe EX MGB Duck Straight HP JU in the corner works on everyone in the corner BUT Ibuki
EX MGB LK Duck Straight LP MGB doesn’t work on Blanka

Arghh… Masa got it wrong on the akuma info there though, you can JU him after mk duck straight.

It’s nice to have this thread where you see all characterspecific juggles and combos on just one page.

I agree which is why I’m telling where he can find the info.

And the LP JU > HP JU juggle is very wonky. I see it’s listed as working on Dudley but you have to step forward before the HP JU to make it hit, otherwise it whiffs. Any moves done before to combo into LP JU makes the HP JU whiff more. Haven’t tested this juggle out in anymore detail since I rarely do naked LP JU outside of anti air, usually just combo into it in the corner.

i know most of its been posted already, all of it is just scattered. i wanted to make a easy chart so dudleys can find the character they go up against and see all the specific combos to mazimize damage as much as possible. im prolly going to print it out when it is nearly done for visual reference lol. Theres a hyperlink of this thread in East’s sticky

Does EX MGB lk duck-straight lp mgb work on all chars? It worked on Ken anyways.


Wrong, it whiffs on Blanka.

Everything whiffs on Blanka right?

You can do HP JU instead of LP MGB

I know it might be a bit obvious for the vets here, but is there anyway juggles that are universal (or have very few exceptions) such as “EX MGB lk duck-straight lp mgb” may also be listed in the opening post? Maybe with just extra notes regarding who they won’t work on.

Would make life a lot easier for people trying to switch to Dudley (like myself currently) to make the transition. I have to say the most daunting aspect of playing Dudley so far hasn’t been the up in execution between Boxer and Dudley, but the need to memorise character specific combos with Dudely.

The Gentleman’s Encyclopedia thread has everything you need to about combos and the like.

i said in tha intro to the thread this is to maximize damage in specific matchups, if you want to learn general combos, gentlemen’s encyclopedia is for that, also the original combo thread will help you

I dont get the “f” combo to work on Fei Long at all…

For all the characters that whiff the after (shotos, Bison, etc.), you can sub for

1 frame link and c.MP pushes people back futher than sMP making it harder to reset with.
IMO best to just c.HP s.HK