Character Specific Combo List



Here’s the thread where I will be posting all my character specific combos I have figured out in spreadsheet form. I’ve been in the lab and thought I’d share what I have learned. I have a lot more combos to add and will be doing different flavors such as the jump-in, corner, and cross-up varieties. This is just what I’m comfortable posting now and will be updating this plenty in the future. If anyone else has any other combo’s I’ll add it. And while most of the list is corrrect I’m doubtful there will be no errors; mainly due to sloppiness. So if anyone finds one let me and I will correct. I did not double check all the combos.
Mid-Screen Pointblank Standing Opponents

Mid-Screen Jump-In Standing Opponents

Ultra New Combos

**Ex Palm Tatsu, Ex Palm No FADC Ultra - **Credit Reipin Pillage and DanJackKnife
Thread- Corner combo, EX palm to tatsu, EX palm no FADC to Ultra - Characters

Gouken SF4 Ultra Updates