Character specific defense questions (SF4)

  1. Can El Fuerte’s mixup be AA’d with normals? What options do I have besides blocking?

  2. When blocking Oni’s cross-up demon slash, is it necessary to first block in one direction and then the other, or just one (behind your character)?

  3. For characters without a dp, what options exist for defending against Akuma’s demon flip throw on wakeup?

  4. Is it possible to AA Viper without trading during burn kicks?

  5. When Ibuki crosses up just after throwing a projectile, it appears that you will be hit from both sides, is this actually the case?

  1. Yes, it’s hard though. Forward Dash out.
  2. Block away.
  3. Depends on the character.
  4. Yes.
  5. No, block away from ibuki.
  1. Like when you’re on the ground? It’ll probably trade. Against fuerte I prefer to block or FA-backdash. Ultimately its an all encompassing mixup don’t correctly so just do the relevant thing and punish correctly/guess right next time.
    2 It only hits once, block it as a cross up. Then punish it. -10 HA!
  2. generically BD/Jump
  3. shrug, I prefer to focus them, but I don’t play against good vipers who’ll probably make me eat that white life before too long…
  4. Alway block the character in SF4 in teleport/fireball mixup situos a la akuma, sim, seth, ibuki. No unblockables of this style exist in sf4.
  1. Best to react to what Elf does. Try to keep in mind if he has a certain pattern to his vortex, that will help out your odds of avoiding it. Focus-dash will get you of his body splash business, but you’ll get caught with his air grab. It will also help avoid the slide, but you basically have to guess correctly.

  2. Block the cross-up direction. If you’re having difficulty doing it, just watch for the yellow flash at close/close-mid range, and block it. It’s highly punishable.

  3. I guess jumping away, or dashing away is the sure-fire way to avoid a flip throw. Although the majority of Akumas will just do the dive kick if you have no reliable reversal and keep you locked down. You’re better off either focus-dashing (if you have a fast dash), or just blocking and finding an opening to either create some space, or land a reversal.

  4. Yes, although you’d need an AA with high invulnerability, like EX uppercut or something. But that’s a pretty risky option unless Viper is doing it very predictably. Some characters are able to do a crouch attack to lower their hurtbox so that they avoid the burn kick altogether. Your probably best off just blocking and getting out of the mixup situation.

  5. Ibuki chooses which side the vortex will land, depending on her spacing/timing used, you can definitely block it on reaction as long as you’re willing to spend some time training against it. Most of the time, Ibuki’s kunai will land as a cross-up, since it’s the safetest way for her to do so without being hit by a reversal. If she throws it out early, it will probably land on the front side, if she throws it late, it’s probably going to cross-up.