Character Specific Glitches/Exploits. Which ones stay and which ones go? ((Check OP))


Do you guys think that some of these character specific glitches should be removed?
Furthermore do you think that they *will *be removed?

It seems that none of them are “gamebreaking” by any means, but some of them seem to reflect poor game design and make things seem a bit sloppy.

Truly, the only ones that I find questionable are these two. They’re the only ones that actually have potential to be exploited in gameplay, while most of the others only give slight mixup opportunitues, or simply represent garbage design.

**Balrog double EX armor

Balrog/Chun Li jab into Ultra

Abel/Balrog/Zangief EX kara into Ultra

The "Ultra Timer Scam"
Activating your Ultra to eat the final 2-3 seconds of a round during the startup animation. Not much a glitch, as just a ‘tactic.’

Chun Li infiinite on Dhalsim (Vega and Akuma also?)

Chun Li infinite on Abel
Abel infinite on Chun Li

Strange crossunder glitches against Balrog

Strange wake-up cross under glitches against Vega/Sagat

Similar wake-up cross under glitch against Honda

Pass through glitches with Cammys Cannon Strike.

Walking through an EX Tatsu

Chun Li combo to corner ultra whiffing on certain characters
You know what I’m talking about.

Blankas “infamous” hitbox…
(Certain combos whiff completely on a crouched Blanka, specifically crouched jab> short> headbutt with Balrog.)**

What’d I miss?


Depends on the glitch imo. If it’s broken get rid of it.


i don’t play as any of the characters mentioned, so i don’t really have any say on those glitches.

i’ve been playing sagat quite a lot recently and i never realised how annoying his ultra glitch actually was until now.


I’m almost positive they’ll be fixing his corner= whiffed ultra glitch for sure. That could even potentially be the only “Making him stronger” thing that they’ve got.


Is that even a glitch? It wouldn’t surprise me they’d just leave it in there in some feeble attempt to balance him out a bit.





Under the “wake up/cross under” glitches, you linked the same video twice.


Ah, thanks. fixed.


aren’t all glitches broken?


any glitch should go, period…they got rid of the one fei long one

I hate that Bison’s cMK won’t hit sometimes, especially vs Balrog. Just fades through him.

I am assuming some of those will get fixed in SSFIV though.


These are alright, the rest should be fixed IMO.

There’s also that one of Akuma getting stuck in some special hit animations if he traded with air fireball.

Btw what’s the advantage of EX kara into Ultra over “naked” Ultra other than a tiny window to confirm them and minor gauge bonus (and standing 720 for Zangief)?


thers always going to be things like this in the game regardless

even if they fixed all of them there will be a bag of new ones anyways


Basically the same thing as long combos that eat extra meter and do minimal damage: No real advantage, just looks cooler if you wanna show off.


Figures. I’ve seen people complaining about it but it never seemed like an overpowering move to me, removing it would only take away a bit of depth and delicious craziness from the game.


I believe it’s an option select because the Ultra only comes out if your armor absorbs a hit, meaning you don’t waste your bar or leave yourself open if you guess wrong. I don’t play Balrog though, so I could be wrong.


speaking of glitches… i was playing against a bison today, i was akuma, he had 1 pixel of health left and he did a random ultra, i jumped back and hit him with ex air fireball for the kill right as his ultra hit me, then after the KO akuma was all engulfed in purple flames flying around the screen in slow motion as if the ultra had connected, no cinematic angles though, but that would have been even more hilarious


Gonna have to try that now XD So he hit you with the Psycho crusher part of his ultra?


I dunno, none of those glitches really put any of those characters over the edge. Besides, many glitches in fighting games have become cornerstones in a character’s strategies in the past. Dhalsim’s teleport was a glitch that was only implemented into a move after hyper fighting. Faust of GG has his infamous j.2k faultless defense cancel which I guess can be considered a short jump. Pretty sure that wasn’t intentional but it’s now a staple in his fighting style.

Things like Chun’s ultra juggle bullshit have to be changed of course, because it doesn’t provide any additional layer of strategy. It’s just straight up bullshit. Everything else keep in imo.




There’s a video of it: