Character-specific life amounts?

I know several characters having particularly high and low stamina, but does anyone have a list of character defenses in order, and how much it scales? I know that Akuma is on the bottom and Hugo is up top (not counting taunted Q), but that’s about it.

Speaking of life, does damage get scaled on the entire life bar, or just the last quarter or so?

Warning: In Japanese~

From the system mechanics thread:

Hugo gets extra defence when he taunts? I thought Q was the only character and Hugo gets a strength boost.

yea one of chun’s taunts also gives her a defense bonus

Hugo gets a defense bonus when he does a taunt. When he does the longer taunt (Hold down Fierce HP + HK, and he says “HYAH!”), he gets a temporary grapple power up, meaning his grapples (Shootdown Backbreaker, Moonsault Press, Megaton Press, Gigas Breaker[!!]) get stronger.

You’d think more Hugo players would take advantage of his taunt.

It’s quick and gives a damn nice little defense boost.

Plus bringing out Poison is just pimp.

We would, but people rush at his ass faaast… No one likes eating phat combo’s dawg.

Actually, to be honest, it’s good for stun. That’s about the only time any decent Hugo player can pull off the long version, which is the only version useful in any real match. Other than that, we pretty much avoid all taunts.

There are two main reasons why Hugo’s taunts aren’t used like Qs are.

Hugo: 86; with 1 taunt - 80; 2 taunts - 74; 3 taunts - 69; 4 taunts - 63
Q:---- 93; with 1 taunt - 76; 2 taunts - 65; 3 taunts - 54

So right off the bat, you need to do the taunts 4 times rather than Q’s 3, and the percentage each taunt increases health isn’t nearly as great. The first taunt by Q increases his defense by 22.3%, while the first taunt by Hugo gives 7.5% (it takes 3 Hugo taunts to equal the first Q taunt) . So when Q taunts, its worth it, while with Hugo, it isn’t worth it until you’ve done it 4 times. And the chances of you getting to 4 is unlikely.

Secondly, unlike Q who’s best played defensively, you HAVE TO stay on your opponents ass all the time as Hugo. When someone faces off against Q, they keep on him, pressuring him and constantly being on the attack. Against Hugo, they keep their distance, so by not pressuring you’re doing the opponent a favour.