Character specific setups / tech

Hey guys. I just made some quick videos on character specific things…

Oni vs Bison tech

Oni vs Seth tech

Any interesting bugs / setups on specific characters you’re willing to share?

There’s a similar setup like the Bison Ultra OS but you can use it on E.Honda after a Mk stomp in the corner. Unfortunately i can’t record it but it goes something like this ,

Mk stomp in corner->dash forward->jump forward Lk.
Option select the jump in Lk with ultra 1 (anti air )

Setup beats out all of E.Honda’s moves except butt slam but the anti air ultra option select catches all versions and sends Honda to the top of the screen. I’m not sure but i think it messes up his charge as well i was having difficulty reversal headbuttan.

Also, any tech against Akuma would be really appreciated. My friend Nathybutts Akuma rips me apart… true story.

I’ve just got a corner only safejump against 5 frame dp’s which I discovered the other day.

Forward throw -> Dash -> Stand medium kick -> Neutral jump medium punch/kick

Works on all 5 framers and avoids Ken’s medium uppercut but gets hit by heavy.

Doubt there is going to be much tech for Akuma as he has too many escape options… Probably going to have to play the patient game…

Yeah it’s true his teleport makes it a bitch, but I’ve found an unblockable against Akuma in the corner. He can teleport, back dash, and mp/hp dp to avoid the mk. The set up goes like this :

After mk.stomp in corner -> forward dash -> forward jump mk.

My neutral safe jump from hard knockdown that beats 3 frames.

Recently I’ve been looking into maximizing my damage on my opponents whiffed special moves. The main punish I’ve recently incorporated into my game play has to do with punishing Ryu’s tatsu. Of course this isn’t something that you’ll have the opportunity to use every match but it is definitely something to take the time to test out for yourself.

After you see Ryu’s tatsu come out, crouch block and wait till he crosses behind you. As soon as he passes by you, perform a lk tatsu to follow him up. If it connects it will launch him vertically and give him juggle properties. The juggle provides you with lots of ways to pile on the damage such as:

– hk tatsu (hits 3 times for a total 270 damage/ 350 stun and is a great corner carry)
– sweep (gives you the hard knockdown)
– U2 (hits with full animation)

and most likely many other follow ups setting up mix ups/safe jumps/chip damage.

I’ve read somewhere in the Oni forums suggesting using the lk tatsu as an anti air and it giving the same juggle properties, can’t remember where I saw it but some credit goes to that post. Unfortunately the idea was shelved because it gets beat out by pretty much every jump in but successfully using it as a punish in the Ryu scenario will double or even triple the damage/stun compared to using a cr.hp or shoryuken.

Every little bit of damage and stun helps so why not capitalize on your opponents carelessness !

If anybody has unique punishes on any of the cast I’d love to bring them into my gameplay !

_NTB ~ thanks !

Edit: I was just going through the older Oni threads and I noticed that EQ explained quite a bit about this punish in his thread: “My power moves worlds” Oni strategy, shenanigans and technology thread … Soo this will just act as a refresher for most, creds to EQ!

Yeah so…

If you think DeeJay will do reversal upkicks, will make it whiff for free punish. You’re welcome.