Character Specific Stuff



I made a quick list of character specific stuff/combos. This things will be pretty important to know if you want make your Guy top tier. :nunchuck:
I went through some of the most important stuff, like:

a) connecting ultra from LP hozanto in corner (without meter),
b) connecting cl.HK after lv.2 focus attacks for max damage combos (after lv.3 it connects on everyone),
c) being able to hit-confirm hitting a crouching opponent into target combo after 2x c.lp (tested after crossup j.MK)

1: LP hozanto into ultra
2: cl.HK after focus lv.2
3: target combo working after crouching hit-confirm

------ 1 2 3 | Y = yes N = no

Abel - N / Y / Y
Adon - Y / N / Y
Akuma - Y / N / Y
Balrog (Boxer) - Y / Y / Y
Blanka - N / Y2 / Y
Cammy - Y / N / N
Chun-Li - Y / N / Y
Cody - Y / N / N
C. Viper - Y / N / N
Dan - Y / N / N
Dee Jay - Y / N / Y
Dhalsim - Y / N / Y
Dudley - N / N / N
E. Honda - Y / N / Y
El Fuerte - N / N / N3
Fei Long - Y / N / Y
Gen - N / N / Y
Gouken - Y / N / Y
Guile - Y / N / Y
Guy - Y / N / N*
Hakan - Y / Y / Y
Ibuki - N / N / Y (but inconsistent)
Juri - N / Y / N
Ken - N / N / N
Makoto - N / N / Y
M. Bison (Dictator) - N / N / N
Rose - Y / N / N*5
Rufus - N / Y / Y
Ryu - N / N / N
Sagat - Y / Y / Y
Sakura - Y / N / N
Seth - Y / N / N
T. Hawk - Y / Y / Y
Vega (Claw) - Y / N / N

  • it seems that the HP part of the target combo will whiff from any distance on a crouching Guy
    *2 if you hit Blanka with focus lv.2 while he was crouching, cl.HK will become incredibly hard to connect. You’ll have approximately 1f to link cl.HK, hardly worthy IMO
    *3 connects pretty well outside crossup
    *4 doesn’t connect after a j.d+mp elbow on crouching hit
    *5 she seems almost impossible to crussup from midscreen if she’s standing

As you see, the list is not complete. I’ll complete it in a short time, but more people helping would be nice. :angel: May also change the layout, this was the quickest I could thought of.

Another few things to say:

  • crossup j.MK, 2x c.lp -> target combo: HP part will whiff on many standing opponents, but it will hit them if they’re crouching. However, if you leave 1 c.lp out, it seems to work on everyone (except Guy) under any circumstances,
  • you should always combo into Bushin Chain if you get your opponent standing, it does a bit more damage even without the EX hozanto followup and it leaves you a safe-jump setup
  • on people where target combo won’t work if too far, you can always link st.MP xx MK tatsu for big damage and it works on everyone (all tatsu hits connect)

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Can we ad to this, people who get hit by Guy’s standing jab while crouching? The only person I’ve seen so far is Guile.

EDIT: Ok this doesnt work. I could’ve sworn I was able to hit a crouch blocking Guile. I’m gonna test on everyone just in case.


you can hit some characters while crouching with standing jab if you are real close.


no you cant, what happens is if people are crouch blocking most chars lift there arms to block which makes there hitbox larger but if they are just crouching the punch wiffs so if there crouch blocking they block the standing jab (profound sadness)


you can. I forgot which characters, but u have to be right next to them.


on juri and sakura, you cannot hit-confirm target combo with cr.lp x 2 , their hitbox is mad stupid against guy, and probably cammy too, not sure though


hmm, i was under the impression it was impossible, i tried it on most characters, even t.hawk , gief, and sagat don’t get hit by it


Added info about Juri, Sakura, Cammy and a few others.


You can’t fish for a c.jab at max range for Chun and Ryu because the s.HP will end of whiffing after confirming with the 2 c.jabs. It kept happening to me today to the point where I was just ending my combos with xx run slide instead.


i did some quick testing today, and i took a look at the characters whose information weren’t complete.

i tested all of the situations on a standing dummy.

Cody - Y / N / Y
C. Viper - Y / N / N
Dan - Y / N / N
Dhalsim - Y / N / Y* (i had some trouble crossing up dhalsim outside of the corner.)
Dudley - N / N / Y
E. Honda - Y / N / Y
El Fuerte - N / N / N
Fei Long - Y / N / Y
Gen - N / N / Y
Gouken - Y / N / Y
Guile - Y / N / Y
Hakan - Y / Y / Y
Ken - N / N / N
Makoto - N / N / Y
Rose - Y / N / Y* (standing fierce in the target combo was inconsistent.)
Rufus - N / Y / Y
Ryu - N / N / N
Seth - Y / N / Y* (LP hozanto will sometimes whiff after the target combo.)
T. Hawk - Y / Y / Y
Vega - Y / N / Y

finally, timing the ultra after LP hozanto in the corner is pretty strict on many of the characters.


Cr. Lp, Cr.Lp St. Mp St. Fp Lp Hozanto does works on a crouching Cammy if you’re right in her face as you do the Cr. Lp x2

EDIT: Actually it works on everyone if you do it from point blank


I beleive the testing was after a mk cross up


someone sticky this thread this is one of the more important ones and i can never find it when i need it


Dunno if this will invalidate alot of what’s been said regarding the mp. hp. chain whiffing, but if the testing was indeed done from a cross up mk, alot of the stuff might still work front on.

I know it’s common knowledge, but just to reiterate, crossups actually leave you worse off for combos than front on jump ins in SF4/SSF4.


Would be nice to have a column on “Neck Flip (the overhead follow up to Run) doesn’t whiff over crouching opponent after a blocked target combo”.

Feels like “N” for all the girls and “Y” for all the guys.


In theory the Lp Hozansho link to ultra work on all characters its just a spacing issue Target lp.hozan U1 misses juri but by pushing guy back with cr.lp, cr.lp then target hozan U1 does link it give guys the spacing what we now need to do is get one dedicated soul to some up with the perfect spacing combos on all characters so we can hit confirm this :smiley:


I don’t know about this; I really don’t think it’s possible on everyone using a conventional mp,hpxxlp honzanto setup. Some characters just fall faster/have strange air hitboxes that make it impossible without the fadc.


Been a while since I lastly posted, but I gotta thank all the people who contributed. I think it’s time to update the list. :wink:
@str[e]ak: nice work there. I don’t mean to say that some of the testing was for nothing, but c.LP followups after j.MK should’ve been tested on a crouching opponent. :razzy:

Like I mentioned, on a standing opponent you can always connect a bushin chain, which does better damage/leaves better oki. So for example, on Seth, target combo after 2x c.LP will work if he was standing, but HP part will whiff if he was crouching (so because of that I retested that part). On standing, it’s always better to do bushin chain, and on crouching a st.MP xx mk tatsu/side/ex hozanto.


I agree. From my personal experience it just always whiffs on a crouching Guy. On Makoto for example it works, but only if spaced perfectly from blockstrings (meaning not done from too close). I’ll add that column after some more tests are done.


I never said it was possible for you to link mp,hpxxlp honzansho U1 on everyone i said lp hozansho will link to U1 100% if spaced correctly and it does. The same applys for all hozansho except ex (normal hozansho has 22 frames recovery Ex= 24 slightly too much to link) here is a link of this in link working in game on ibuki by me. Its not a combo we can clearly see that but ive spaced perfectly using normals so that hozansho hits at the right time for the U1 to connect.

Proved in that video at 0:59 take note of my spacing then read this character list again you can see ibuki is not up thier im still not sure about how practical it is though


Cool, I was trying lp hozanto on wakeup to hit the later frames and link ultra. It is possible, but Hozanto doesn’t have very many active frames so it’s hard to time. Probably easier to do it based on spacing.