Character Specifics Crib Sheet

I made a little cheat sheet to stick on my phone to remind me of things as matches are starting so I can quickly spec safe jumps, an option select, preferred ultra/anti-airs.

Here it is:

If you don’t like it then instead of moaning make your own.
However, I’m aware there may be a couple of mistakes or typos, please let me know if you spot them :slight_smile:

thats nice, too bad i dont have any smart phone D: but if i had one that would be sweet

i’d add something about oga crossup setups if i had the chance to use something like that

Yeah, I was considering adding that but its a bit short on space - preferred having who extended bnb worked on, I’ll just play safer at tournaments :slight_smile:

Can I assume the gray comments about reversals & ex reversals are warning signs to be careful when safe jumping?

yes exactly that, abel’s EX tt rapes everything for example

Thanks man, I think I’ll add some stuffs to your sheet to make it more perfect.

Btw, forward grab -> forward dash -> crane c.MP whiff -> crane j.MK is a safe jump against Gen without Super, and characters like Sakura and Abel (without U2) as well (which is technically a 7f safe jump on standard characters)

And that doesn’t whiff if the stick is left in neutral and beats Its the one I didn’t test for those reasons.

[edit]: confirmed, whiffs on neutral - this not only is bad but is mad easy to block whatever OS you perform, it also gets destroyed by [/edit]

Why U2 against the twins? Aside from whatever xx ex.hands into Mantis U2, I’m not sure I see much reason to use it? Maybe to punish palm meter building, but most Yangs and PARTICULARLY Yuns just RTSD and don’t bother with building that meter vs. Gen.

Edit: Perhaps I should be asking this in the match-up thread rather than this thread. If you want it moved, let me know.

Strange. I was able to counter out LK WTF when I did it. I’ll try it again, and see if something else is possible.
Also, if you want something that does NOT whiff on neutral stick, then forward grab -> dash * 2 -> crane j.HK will hit it out, as long as you time it right. It gets destroyed by crane super though.

If it doesn’t whiff on a neutral stick its not a safe jump. Sad but true.

Actually it’s safe jump against anything not crane super, eg. LK DK. Try it.

I’m assuming all dashes are done in crane?

Actually no, it whiffs on neutral, safe against Try it.

ok. i dont have pc version, so i will re-do the setup and record the video on the weekend.

thanks cr0nt, good job

Took me a little while to encode and cut some crap, but uploaded the 5f safe jump against Gen that doesn’t whiff on neutral stick.

  1. Record -> showing that j.HK doesn’t whiff on him neutral since I cannot move player 1 and will be in neutral stick.
  2. Playback -> showing that it’s a 5f safe jump by blocking LK WTF. Didn’t include reversal crane super due to size issues (Remember, I suck when it comes to editing video stuffs).

Oops, my bad, I read ©8hp not hk. The timing on the hk is also pretty exact though.

Yea, it’s also pretty much the only normal that has enough vertical range to hit Gen during that recovery animation. Things are different when you’re up against Chun, Sakura or Claw’s j.HK though. There may be more characters than I though that can hit him out.