Character spefic match-ups vs Makoto

Post here the character you want info on concerning the match up with Makoto.

how to get around certain aspects of the match?

How starting with Alex with hyper bomb super art? what do you do get passed a command throw 360 smapping wake up player that seems to stuff your meaty

any input here is welcome and thanks for adding your thoughts everyone.

Don’t do meatys when he has a full SA? I’d bait it out and instant EX axe kick

ok I will try that but does that change her game against him or what? it seems he has all the priority in the air to air meetings too

Pretty sure Makoto’s air game is stronger, but I wouldn’t know. I’m usually on the ground unless it’s 1) a uoh or 2) axe kick 3) finishing an abare combo (can’t do the stun combo)

Just jump strait up if he is doing powerbomb on wake up. Comedown with axe kick or land and karakusa. If he starts to do the knees, then dont jump, wait for him to land. you can also dash back if you dont want to jump or cant do the instant ex axe kick. You can sweep or dash back in if he wiffs I guess.

thanks eveyone good start. hey I can’t do the stun combo either :smiley: hey has anyone really worked and into their game. how what do you to start off your matches?

I usually stand still and wait to see what they do. If they don’t do anything the first round, I’ll dash in and karakusa / throw. As a general rule in SF though(or any fighting game), don’t get predictable.

Edit: Especially true with Makoto. ‘Random’ is good.

anyone know if super art III is any good the one where she turn deep red? and how to activate it or when?

Mak vs. Alex shouldn’t really be a problem matchup for Mak. Once you knockdown Alex, mixing up your attacks should basically fuck him over. Always expect that they expect a Karakusa, mix up:>lp hayate
2.EX Tsurugi(fucks over Alex SA1 scrubs)
4.Kara Karakusa(if you read that he’ll try to “block” the early lk)

Standing meaty mp isn’t THAT great of a move, I’d only throw it out maybe once or twice per match, that move done meaty is too easy to read.

Edit: My personal question- How do y’all deal with a turtling Hugo? Corner combo(karakusa>HP>EX Hayate>HP) is near impossible to land because any Hugo scrub can counter 360. I have a hard time mixing up both hayate and karakusa against him, I can never seem to hurt him enough without these moves. Any tips?

I have played against a few turtling Hugos and I found the best thing to do is just turtle back. have him come to you. catch him off guard by dashing in and grip him with the karakusa as he is recovering from wiffed moves. EX Hayate to punish him for wiffing shit too. One you have him on the ground, EX Tsurugi’s eat him up.

S.MP is actually a good meaty move mainly becuase it stays out for a while but comes back quickly. If you learn how to time it right and either wiff it or meaty with it, you can screw with their parries or whatever else they try to do on wake up. It also give you good frame advantage on block or hit, so it’s def. one of your better options.

SAIII is pretty lame imo. It’s fun to use every now and again but I think makoto is overall kind of boring when you dont have much ex meter to use. In your case, since it sounds like you are new to Makoto, I’d jsut focus on her basic combos and how to land the Karakusa as much as possible.

Most people I’ve used close standing mp on have actually parried it on reaction, I haven’t really tried the intentional whiff though, sounds nice~

thanks a lot for the info haunts! how do i go from regular use of the karakusa to kara karakusa in my game.

Any tips against Dudley, Elena and Ryu ?

Well, first off I’d sit in trianing mode and make sure you can do it at least 70% of the time before trying to set it up. I dont know about you, but it took me a while to get good at it.

Once you know the timing, the easiest way to set it up is with either a forward or back throw. This will put them on the ground. If they quickrise, on most characters, you can do it. If they do not quickrise, just dash back and then do it. There are some instances on some characters where the LK will hit them and the karakusa will wiff, so check the sticky at the top of the page for more indepth review of how to set this up.

What are some specific problems you are running into?

Elena’s always seems to outpoke me, although it’s probably because I can’t parry all that well. Dudley just owns me for free. I’m just looking for some general tips to help improve my basic game.

Throwing more improved my basic game.

does anyone taunt during their matches togetthe bonuses with them

It’s not fast enough, unless after stun where you’re recovering a lot sooner than they’re standing up. I have seen some people mash out of it really quickly, though-- friggin marvel players…

Anywho… one of my favorite makoto combos is stunXXtaunt-kill. It’s kind of hard to see if they’re on one pixel of life sometimes. It’s totally worth the risk.:sweat:

stun >> tauntxxSAI is the bomb!

you guys need to stay on topic. haha.