Character stages; Take 3

The idea:

a) These are suggested Character Stages when Alternate Soundtrack (Character Theme Soundtrack) is enabled.

a’) Character Stages are selected by the CPU when Player selects “Random Stage”.

[details=Spoiler]The CPU should have a priority tree available of Character Stages for each character. However, highlighting “Random Stage”, then highlighting something else, then highlighting “Random Stage” again will nullify this entirely.

Honda’s priority tree would be: Festival At The Old Temple, Crowded Downtown

Hakan’s priority tree would be: Exciting Street Scene, Festival At The Old Temple

Ryu’s priority tree would be: Old Temple, Crowded Downtown

Ken’s priority tree would be: Drive-in At Night, Old Temple

b) In Options Menu, allow to choose Stage & Music catering to Player or Opponent.

c) Character Stages also when Alternate Soundtrack (Character Theme Soundtrack) is disabled, only in this case the only consideration when making up the priority tree will be correspondance/ match between Character Costume (either Original or Alternate) and Stage.

Take Rufus:

Alternate 1: The Pitstop 109
Aletrnate 2: Run-down Back Alley
Alternate 3: The Pitstop 109
Alternate 4: Jurassic Era Research Facility

Or Cammy:

Alternate 1: Snowy Rail Yard
Alternate 2: Cosmic Elevator
Alternate 3: Cruise Ship Stern

Or T. Hawk:

Alternate 1: Inland Jungle
Alternate 2: Pitch-black Jungle

So, anyway!!! Let’s begin! I’ve included each respective character’s theme music below each image, which you conveniently can open in a new tab while examining an illustration.

The Half Pipe
Deejay, Yun, Yang

Music Deejay: [](
Music Yun: [](
Music Yang: [](

Dan, Sakura

Music Dan:
Music Sakura:

The Pitstop 109

Music Ibuki: [](

Festival At The Old Temple
E. Honda, Makoto

Music E. Honda:
Music Makoto:

Exciting Street Scene
Dhalsim, Hakan

Music Hakan: [](
Music Dhalsim: [](

Crowded Downtown
Chun-Li, Feilong

Music Feilong:
Music Chun-Li:

Run-down Back Alley

Music Gen: [](

Mad Gear Hideout
Hugo, Poison

Music Hugo:
Music Poison:

Skyscraper Under Construction
Rolento, Guy, Cody

Music Cody: [](
Music Rolento: [](
Music Guy: [](

Cruise Ship Stern
Rose, El Fuerte, Vega, Balrog, Abel, Dudley

Music Rose:
Music El Fuerte:
Music Vega:
Music Balrog:
Music Dudley:
Music Abel:

Small Airfield
Guile, Cammy

Music Guile: [](
Music Cammy: [](

Jurassic Era Research Facility
T. Hawk

Music T. Hawk:

Solar Eclipse

Music Elena: [](

Beautiful Bay

Music Adon:

Morning Mist Bay

Music Sagat: [](

Pitch-black Jungle

Music Blanka:

Blast Furnace

Music Zangief: [](

Cosmic Elevator
M. Bison?

Music M. Bison:

Secret Laboratory
Seth, C. Viper

Music Seth: [](
Music C. Viper: [](

Crumbling Laboratory
Juri, Decapre

Music Juri:
Music Decapre:

Old Temple
Gouken, Ryu

Music Gouken: []( (I know they're screwing this one over repeatedly, but anyhow...)
Music Ryu: [](

Deserted Temple
Akuma, Evil Ryu

Music Akuma:
Music Evil Ryu:

Volcanic Rim

Music Oni: [](

More text coming soon.

If anyone wants to toy around with this, the backgrounds and character images are available here:

This is completely bizarre.

hehe. My idea was that it would be a much better game with character stages.

What sparked the idea was the wonderful way the random character select works - it seems calculated. Way often, it’s simply chosen my main, and most likely at times when I’ve perhaps lost one or two “random select matches” in a row. Now that’s brilliant.

…why did you put Rose on the cruise ship?

Three reasons, bro’.

  1. She’s European/ Italian and had her stage in Italy in SF Alpha
  2. Her dress looks fancy and colorful like the cruise ship crowd
  3. Her music goes well with the stage

El Fuerte’s music is really unique, but with his costume suiting the Cruise Ship Stern setting, his character fits the bill and his music puts on a great show. Same with Vega.

At first I put Sagat in Beautiful Bay and Adon in Morning Mist Bay, but I reversed them as I thought the musics fit better then, and because Sagat is calm like the ambient lighting of Morning Mist Bay as he no longer seeks for revenge, while Adon is burning with fire and so Beautiful Bay’s big sun suited him better.

Deejay’s music and outfit suits The Half Pipe.

I thought Cammy looked good in Small Airfield, because of the crowd checking out her rear.

…Rolento should be on the Air Field. I don’t think this is debatable.

I have to disagree with some of your character/stage pairing ideas, NG1313. Like for instance, Hawk in a Skyscraper stage? He’s not much of a city guy. He’s more of a nature guy. Juri in a Crumbling stage kinda makes sense in a storyline-perspective, but Capcom already gave her her own home country stage of South Korea. Ibuki in Run-back alley: I think one of the Temple stages suites her best. Honda: There’s a portrait of him on the side of one of the trucks in Pitstop 109 (that stage happens to reside in Japan, in case you didn’t know).

Anyhow, here’s a visual list that I compiled couple months back for Capcom-Unity message board; pairing up characters and stages that makes the most sense from a geographical, nationality & personality standpoint:

There’s no way Honda shouldn’t be in Mad Gear Hideout considering his SF2 Background is there.

Also I’d agree that Ibuki fits better in the back alley than in any of the temples.


C. Viper works for the U.S. government, if anything she’s in the lab because she’s digging through all their crap.
Am I really debating street fighter lore

It always seemed like a number of the stages were “for” certain characters (especially the Chinese one being such a clear homage to Chun-li’s SFII stage), but they didn’t want to actually make a stage for each character.

You’re right - I didn’t know that about Viper. The stage still suits her like hand in glove, though.

And you’re right about the stages too - it could be economic reasons and it could be that they didn’t want to box every character away in their own little habitat. But I think most of us feel that character stages would lift the game’s atmosphere.

I updated the initial posts, and put some explanations of my ideas as well. I’ve done enough “work” with this for today, so I’ll try to wrap things up tomorrow and probably clean up the explanations as they could be written better.

Thanks for checking in and please check back again when the thread is updated a final time.

And please do leave a comment on what you think. I know many of ya might think “What a waste of time”, but I wanted to go ahead with this because I felt it would improve the game anyhow. :slight_smile:

Sad they removed character-stage connection… it was on Arcade single mode so we never see it anyway, but it kinda steal some classic SF world tournament style. Same for national flags

Btw less OT

Some alt look awesome in different stages too

Space Station- C.Viper with hot scientist and futuristic suit alts (3 and 4?). Mecha Zangief, Mecha Dictator and Mecha Seth look good too there

Snowy Russian Station- Zangief and CAmmy with theyr winter alts

Distillery - Boxer and Dudley 1920 style alts, so much Boardwalk Empire :smiley:

Night Jungle- Abel and Guile special ops alts

Day Jungle- T.Hawk and El Fuerte mayan alts (and Blanka lol, but he’s already at home)

And many, many others

Blanka’s karate gi should have him in Overpass. Y’know, as if he’s there with Dan in the background… It would so look funny with a wild beast in the playground and kids cheering on him with their parents not knowing what their kids were up to.

Did some updating with the images in the first post… What 'y’all think?

edit: edited again as of this writing here now…

I think you’re missing Ken and Rufus, which I’m guessing is the diner stage?

I’ve played this game nearly since release and just today I learned there are two different temple stages (old, deserted), boy do I feel like an idiot now.