Character Stats: Your Top 3 and Bottom 3 Blanka Matchups By the Numbers

All versions of SSF4AE allow you to check out your statistics as Blanka versus the various other characters. For those of you who have played a substantial number of matches as Blanka, I thought it would be interesting to post up who your are statistically best and worst against. Again, I am not dealing with opinions here (“Ohhh, I hate BISON”), but instead want you to check out the actual stats stored in your system.

I will start:

Platform: PC
Matches using Blanka: ~1700
Battle Points: ~13,000 (B+)

Top 3:

  1. Zangief - 91.32%
  2. T. Hawk - 88.94%
  1. Boxer - 84.64% (amazing, I know)

Bottom 3:
37. Abel - 61.41%
38. Guile - 60.45%
39. Dahlsim - 51.55%

The biggest problem with these stats is that for people playing on console they didn’t clear out after AE release if you downloaded AE as DLC. For instance this makes my vs. Makoto stat look godlike because I was 100% vs. her in super, but I’m probably around 50% in AE.


2555 matches
BP 15550~
PP 4500
Win Rate 74%~

Top 3:

  1. Evil Ryu 95.00%
  2. Dan 94.12%
  3. T.Hawk 90.91%
  4. Hakan 90.91%

Bottom 3:
37) Fei Long 60.23%
38) C.Viper 59.62%
39) Dhalsim 52.05%

The sim win % was at about 18% till early this year, so I’m happy. I played a long set with Playing to Win’s Sim and I got better. Viper is hard because it’s like I play trash vipers or it’s Jayce/Krone or something. Fei was a bit better, but CJ Truth was farming me a few weeks ago.

711 matches
BP 7522 (B)
PP 2511
Win Rate 66.41%

Top 3:

  1. Yang - 93.33%
  2. Seth - 92.86%
  3. Zangief - 88.24
    I have 100% win rate against DeeJay and Gouken but I haven’t really played many so I don’t think they should really count…

Bottom 3:
37) Fei Long 40.00%
38) E.Honda 36.84%
39) Gen 30%
I have absolutely no experience with the Gen match-up so there’s no surprises there.

this is bollocks…

the winrate means nothing as you can have only 1 match and get 100%, etc.

at this point everyone should have multiple matches against different characters.

2356 matches-got reset at some point in super cause I lost save data, was over 4000
Win Rate 82%
PP 1000-4000 I use Dan, Juri, Vega, Bison, and DJ also
BP 12000 AE, 15000 Super

  1. Oni 99%

  2. Dan 95%

  3. Akuma 95% I got this match down because I played a lot of Akumas in vanilla

  4. Zangief 69% thanks to AE and the no knockdown hand, I think I was 80% before that

  5. Balrog 66%

  6. Honda 62% not patient enough with this match, even scrubs can beat me if I don’t lame it out

Yea you can have a friend on your list that you play a lot and is a killer Gen, skews results, the only way to do it is to combine everyones(n >30) and then divide them out.

win rate is only for ranked.