Character Styles or Genre Listing

Forgetting all the tier stuff I am interested in what people think the groupings by style would be — overlapping is fine. List reasons to this way we can make a sort of listing so people who want to learn a new character can see what each one is somewhat known for.

Group 1: A bit riskier but has really good mixup options
Necro, Makoto, Dudley, Akuma, Twelve to a lesser extent

Group 2: Juggling fiends and unblockables
Oro, Urien

Group 3: Basic combo whores
Yang, Ibuki, Dudley, Necro, Akuma

Group 4: Shotos obviously
Ken, Ryu, Akuma

Group 5: Just have a similar feel to them… almost could be in group one since they both have a good deal of options but not quite enough. But both have very similar moves.
Elena, Ibuki

Group 6: They don’t move much but when they do its quick and painful.
Q, Alex, Hugo

Group 7: For the juggle
Oro, Yun

Group 8: Its all about the superart
ChunLi, Ken

Group 9: Crossovers
Oro, Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Yun, Yang, Makoto

Group 10: Dive Kickers
Yun, Yang, Necro, Akuma

Group 11: Air Throwers
ChunLi, Oro, Ibuki

Group 12: Air Combos
ChunLi, Yun, Yang, Ibuki, Ryu

Group 13: Stun Whores
Makoto, Necro, Alex, Ryu, Oro, Urien

these are the similar ways i see a classification. I personally like to use the second and first groups the best. what do you all think would be a grouping and would you say the ones I listed are accurate?

Pretty good list!

For the “It’s all about the super art” add in Urien 3, and Yun 3.

I’d like to add in another group:

Group 14: High? Low? oh no! i’m screwed!
Yang, Yun, Chun, Makoto (karakusa), Alex, Gouki (kara-demon)


Vince, buddy, how can you forget to put Dudley in your “high? low? oh no…” group?!? if anything, it’s Dud who really screws people with the high-low guessing game thing :D. i speak on behalf of my victims. hehe. let’s play some again, man. when you free?

and the award goes to…

Group 15: keep away/ run away / zoning
Remy, Twelve, Chun li

and for that all about the super art u should put down sa3 necro, his play style is ALL ABOUT landing that stun combo while using sa3. also sa3 ryu.

Me thinks Urien should be in that keep away/run away/zoning group as well. that is, until he gets an Aegis charged up. same with some Yuns. all you see is c. strongs then when they have meter, they activate GJ and turn you into a turtle :lame:.

Add on: Dudley should also be a “Stun Whore”!!!

whoever uses yun like that should be shot :frowning:

remy, twelve and chun li = team reverse rushdown.

rotflmao! I remember you exodus from maryland. Your Yun is sick.


hehehhe – thanks; now if only i don’t choke against top level players :lol: – we’ll see what happens at march madness this saturday :smiley:


damn straight buddy! hate having to chase that little runt all over the screen (no offense to YOUR Yun, hehe).

team reverse rushdown?!? couldn’t have put it better myself :lol:

Dudley should be in it too :smiley:

you choke because you think too much about frame data and they start beating you in the meanwhile :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Twel(e)ve isn’t run-away, he’s run AROUND.


I’d say Yun and Urien are in the keep away zoning category. I know Yun’s more rushdown, but most Yuns just punk out till they charge up their Genei’s.

Team hard work:

Q,Hugo,Alex,12 and Sean

my yun uses SA2, therefore he is METAL1!111!

and makoto is the juggle-master… fukiage 2x = BITCH!

Team rangy pokers (like an Eagle or something from CVS2)?? Any?

No kidding.

Feels like Dudley should be in the sick juggles group too. He will hurt you bad when you go airborne.

Jeez. Seriously guys, who are considered poke heavy characters in this game? Bonus points for lots of range.

I’m usually drawn to strong (not usually combo heavy), good priority characters with range. That and I throw a lot if possible.

Can anyone list or rank the poke artists for 3s? Thanks.