Character Suggestions/Equivalents


Hey everyone, I’m fairly new to seriously learning fighters. I used to play a ton of Smash, as well as some Guilty Gear and BlazBlue:CT casually. I mained Faust in Guilty Gear and was drawn to him based on his character and personality. I then mained Arakune in BlazBlue and actually learned some combos for Arakune using the DVD that came with it. Would the characters I enjoy be considered Zoners? I’d like to know what kinds of characters I should try and learn in other games. I’m currently learning Peacock in Skullgirls, though I’ve heard that learning a support like Big Band for her would beneficial. I also have USF4 and KOF XIII and I’m not quite sure which characters are considered similar in those titles.

Also is there any suggested process that I should use to getting better in general? I watched a video recently suggesting learning the well-rounded characters such as Ryu to learn the mechanics more thoroughly. If that will truly improve my abilties over simply jumping into the type of character I like I’m considering putting some time into it. Especially since I can see the value in learning all the characters.

Thanks in advance everyone!


The resource pack in my signature contains a lot of advice on ways to think and mindsets that are conducive to improving.

As far as characters go, KOF13 is a game where basically every character wants to be aggressive. Where they differ is how they get to the point of pressuring the opponent - zoning is one way to do that.

Duo Lon is a stretchy-limb type who can play defense decently, but is pretty aggressive in the end.
Other characters with a zoning bent: Saiki, King, Ash, Billy, Athena.
Some other characters with pretty long pokes that can play defense well: Benimaru, Kim, Iori, Ryo, Karate, Leona

For USF4 I’d suggest taking a look at Rose, Vega/Claw and maybe Chun-Li. Dhalsim is very close to Faust in archetype (although a lot less silly, but then everything is), but is a pretty bad character overall. He can do well but you’ll need a secondary character to cover the good handful of near unwinnable matchups Dhalsim has.