Character That Builds Meter Fast?

Whats a character or character assist that can build meter fast?

morrigan assist, ammy assist, frank west assist in that order. And characters that build good meter are doom, zero, ammy, wesker, dante, iron fist, magneto

Phoenix is no slouch when it comes to building meter herself, but it takes practice. If you want to maximize your potential, run Morrigan’s Dark Harmonizer assist with Doctor Doom or Magneto.

who uses frank west merter builders

yo gomez i’m gunna add you bro & we can play some matches with phoenix lol

Why do you list the Frank West assist as being worse than Amaterasu’s? I was under the impression that they’re the same.

O i thought ammys assist came faster than franks by alittle? Are they the same frame wise? And how long they stay out for?

According to the guide, Pick Me Up recovers for re-use 3 frames faster than Bloom. (177 vs. 180) Not something that would ever make a difference in practice. Everything else I only have eyeball-knowledge, but they seem the same (though Amaterasu’s hitbox is likely a bit smaller).

Don’t forget Nova, spiderman, taskmaster, tron is a beast at building meter, she hulk is great, hagger, and to a lesser extent felicia. I wouldn’t recommend iron fist because all of the meter he builds is used for killing off opponents… his standard BnB builds 2 meters off of a optimal starter and uses 2 meters for the kill, also his yomi is terrible as well as his okizeme. Chris is the ultimate meter builder in the game tho… blocked flamethrower builds about a 1/3 bar, and his chip game is phenomenal.