Character title requirements?


Does anyone know how to unlock them? Is it rounds played, rounds won, character level?


I’ve gotten titles from 20 online wins I think for birdie. Or maybe it was 10 I’m not sure. I cleared survival on normal and easy with multiple characters and the title were inconsistent. I think it’s based on character ranked, with ones given for ranked benchmarks.


Later I went into training mode with Ryu and immediately got Dhalsim’s. Seems like the server has to reward you with it and it’s just being finnicky.


been searching for this myself. suppose its still too new of a game to know yet, along with the fact that it seems like theres more work involved to unlock them than in 4. (i think thats a good thing though)


I’ve found some info, but nothing on how to get the yellow ones or the more advanced ones.


Probably have to beat survival modes and challenge mode (when it’s patched in).


i have all of the master titles for each character, i can try to take pictures or post a video if you want…

edit: it’s character level that unlocks the higher ones, some are from survival but the master and next highest are from character level.

double edit:


What level is necessary to achieve the master title?


i can’t remember now to be honest, i just set the levels to 1,000 per character and they all unlocked, could be 500 for the first then 1,000 for the master title. you can do it yourself if you really want them using a proxy sniffer, the same can be done for the 1,000,000 fight money trophy (although it will reset once another “getbalance” request is sent from the server.


@trouserkingcobra wow, I thought you got them all yourself lol. Level 500? That’s kind of nuts. I think I’m at level 20 on Vega right now without completing Hard or Expert mode in Survival.

Any idea on the yellow titles? I’ve seen a few of the top ranked players using them.


Based on the fighter profiles of the folk with the yellow titles, they’re unlocked at level 35.


i don’t know i remember setting them to 100 first and nothing, then 500, then 1,000. since i already unlocked them all i can’t go back and test it :frowning:


It’s not 1000 or 500. Seeing as how players on the rankings have them and I highly doubt there character lvl is +70.


Character level of 1000 does sound kind of crazy unless theres going to be way more modes to give you more xp.


There are definitely ranked win ones. I think it’s something like 1 > 10 > 50, etc.


There’s some ranked win ones, character level ones, beating survival on Hell, ranking up ones.

Any others?


How do you get the “Star of Asia” title? I think that’s what the title is called.


Only seen Infiltration with that one, so maybe it’s given to him personally, like I think Mago had (2dGod) exclusive title in SF4.


I got Nash’s “Self-Sacrificial” title at Nash lvl 30. Haven’t gotten those nifty mono colored ones that I want.


It came with the Korean special edition of the game.