Character to learn

ok… i’m sick of using characters i’m familiar with in other games, like the shotos, chun li, and remy. i’m working on learning makoto and dudley right now, but who else should i learn?

my usual fighting style in other games is technical rushdown.
my characters in other games…

MvC2: MSP, mag/sentinel/commando, blackheart/storm/cyclops, Dhalsim/Anakaris/Rogue, Servbot/Gief/Doom
ST: O.Sim, O.Guile, Honda, Rog, Blanka, DeeJay, Sagat, gief
CvS2: (K) Dhalsim / Blanka R2 / Guile, (A) Rog / Terry / Rock R2, (K) Gief / Dhalsim R3, (S) Dan R2 / Joe / U.Rugal (my only hope for the team)
GGXX: Venom, Baiken, Bridget, Millia, Zappa
VS: felicia, gallon, zabel, queen bee, lei lei, sasquatch
A2: rolento, gief, dan, Dhalsim, Sodom, Guy

so you can get the basic feel of my fighting style, any other characters i should learn? i think learning necro would be a decent character to learn a bit about, but it would be unholy to dhalsim for me to do that. i’m just not used to using alot of characters in this game, and it really puts a damper on me, when i can’t fight a good sean, elena, twelve, q, etc, beacuse i have no idea what their moves are, so i don’t know how to anticipate them

You’ve just got to kind of feel them all out. Kind of like GGXX (but much less balanced, haha) they all have a particular style and set to them. For a high-tier, I’d recommend Makoto. It’s a very complicated, intense rushdown style that works if you put the effort into it. And, um, if you’re psychic. Outside of that, Alex is a really solid char, finally a grappler that can move around and doesn’t get shut out 'Gief styles.

Just watch some vids to see how they’re generally played, and see what you like and what you don’t. It takes everyone a while to “settle into” a character finally, but when you know, you definitely know. G’luck and good choice.

N - Vid is out Friday. I promise.

PS: Urien like whoa.

ummm i didnt know remy well into that category of a character represented in another game, when used well he’s a completely new character…

dont stop using remy just learn how to play 3s instead of just talking about playing 3s.

i’ve been learning how to play lately. i’ve been playing alot more than mvc2, which is odd.

about what i said about remy… guile + sagat = remy, IMO… i just want to learn someone completely different than anything i’ve played before, but i’m just not sure who to take on next. eventually, i want to learn alot of characters, but one at a time, until i find a good style for myself

best thign to do is jsut play with characters after you kn ow their commands and what the moves are good for then go from there and find what suits you. I thought remy was my calling but then Urien came along with Ken by his side. I always liek to learn a few characters per fighter i pick so that i can mix it up if someone is owning the shotos one day or they just got it in for Urien.

For 3s i say if you can be amazing with Twelve you win :smiley: