Character Tournament or Team tournament

i was surfing youtube today and remembered how crazy the dudley vs ryu tournament was and i decided to ask you guys

how it would you to have a character vs character tournament like that…where players who use one character on one team and the other players on the other??

Dudley vs Ryu was the first one…you can give me suggestions on other characters if you wish


would you like to have another team tournament again…with random teams or assigned teams


lol the one ppl have been asking for… Mi-Ka-Do style tournament

2 characters for one player and play it out until one players characters are eliminated

Example: Player 1 - Ken, Akuma vs Player 2 - Chun, Yun

Player 1 - Ken vs Player 2 - Chun (Chun wins)

Player 2 can either stick with his FIRST character or switch to his OTHER character

Player 1 - Akuma vs Player 2 - Yun (Akuma wins)

Player 1 - Akuma vs Player 2 - Chun (Akuma wins)

This poll will decide which tournament will be used…choose wisely…HAVE AT IT!!!

Player 1 wins the match

Assuming The Mi Ka Do Choice You Offer Wouldnt Be Randomly Composed Teams? Or Would It? Either Way<> Or Another 3vs.3 Random Team Seems Like Bigg Funn

no its 1 player with 2 characters…mi-ka-do style never has a team like that

besides for that reason i might as well as throw a 5 on 5 cuz a 3 man team with 2 chars each is a LOT…

God I cant choose between Char vs. Char or Mi-Ka-Do

I just signed on the schedule a Mi-Ka-Do tourney.

EDIT: I have a question, if you dont know how to play more than 1 character, would you be ineligible to participate in a mi-ka-do style tournament? Because I would think duplicates are not allowed.

well its up to the player…i mean would you really want to waste your time with a random character in a tournament…or would you just want to stick with one…if you want to stick with one then you might as well as go with character vs character

but then again i have yet to decide which 2 characters to use

+1 vote for SBO style (bring your own team) poll

-1 vote for Mikado

goldenlion didnt understand mikado’s format before voting

mi-ka-do is just an american type tourny almost

2/3 but you can choose to counterpick without losing

it’s interesting.

What would be some good ideas for char vs. char?

So far I have:
Dudley vs. Ryu
Yun vs. Yang
Ibuki vs. Elena
Chun vs. Yun
Sean vs. 12
Ibuki vs. Dudley


Actually the point of contention was…is it mandatory 1 player/ two characters or did they also use 2 man teams…which i say they do

they 2 styles in mikado

one is a team tournament which is with the 2 vs 2 (not the one im using)

two is a single player using 2 characters (the one im using)

and yes it is mandatory that you use 2 characters so unless you can come up with another scrubby char then good luck in the NEXT tournament

Ho Ho Ho…
Imma Roast You

Mikado sounds fun so I voted for that. I’m actually game for all of them but I can only vote for one.

eh no you cant lol…you can vote for more than one lol

Hugo vs. Alex maybe?
Remy vs. Ibuki is a close one as well (seriously)

Taking people out of their normal character element is always fun.

I don’t know, but I love Urien and Akuma, and I’d love an all out war Akuma VS Urien.

But any less-common character battles could be nice.

Definitely should be some low tier characters. I’d like to see Twelve vs Hugo, nice style clash.

lol the poll is getting hot for mikado lol…we could always do a char vs char tournament with chars whos match up is debatable like i heard akuma vs yang (which was brought up in the SBO 2008 thread) and also Dudley vs Urien…i heard they were pretty equal to each other

so new matches could be

Akuma vs Yang
Dudley vs Urien
Urien vs Yang


Sean vs Remy lol

P.S- heres the match up chart if you ppl need ideas on which 2 characters to choose

Haha what’s funny is that I can play about half the cast well, whereas the other half I can’t play at all. I want to see and Alex one - maybe Alex vs. Remy? Or even Alex vs. Necro LOL.

Sean vs. Remy is pretty even.

I still believe Akuma vs. Yang is a slaughter. >_>

Actually, now that I think about it, the best idea may be a low tier tournament. Let everyone pick from the bottom 7 characters only: