Character Traits/Styles Guide: Guide To Choosing Your Character

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This is a hopefully going to guide new players to which player they choose.
Here I will try to fill this first post with the style of play, advantages and disadvantages, and unique/interesting points of each character.
New players who are unsure who to pick can look here for ideas.
To start off:


The Good Side Of Oro:

  • Unusual/unique fight style (If you are used to Ryu/Ken, this will be very different)
  • Long stun bar (hard to get stunned)
  • Above average stamina.
  • His hits deal good stun to the other player
  • His body size and shape makes him a difficult/impossible target for some combos
  • He is short, many attacks will miss if he crouches (he can dash pass fireballs iirc)
  • He is fast. Excellent dashes. Good for escape, pressure.
  • MP into Stomp repeat juggling combo, these juggles gain EX bar quickly
  • Tengu Stone Super Art can deal cheap and crazy damage
  • Excellent pokes and poke strings. Good damage.
  • Pokes are long and decent speed. Can space yourself from enemy.
  • Good keep away game. But you can be aggressive/unorthodox (watch Thanatos)

The Weak Side Of Oro:

  • No other long combos outside of MP -> Stomp (aka Chicken Combo)
  • Hard to punish people.
  • Therefore you cannot make long combos without Super Art
  • Hard to begin offense from distance, unlike Ken and Chun with her SA2.
  • Therefore usually resort to pokes unless you have a chance to start MP->Stomp (unless you play like Thanatos)
  • In the end, no reliable and consistent offense.

Unique/Interesting Notes:

  • He can jump again/change directions after he jumps once (this can deviate him from fireballs, attacks, even Super Arts, brings offensive options)
  • Yogyou Dama Super Art unblockables
  • Can do tricky stomp after he jumps in. Up to 8 hits iirc.
  • Fastest back dash in the game. Urien has the fastest forward dash.
  • Can grab you when you stick out a punch or kick with his HCB + P
  • His EX fireball is handy and tricky (can pressure the enemy well)
  • Each of his 3 Super Art has an alternative (EX) version
  • Tengu Stone can deal some much damage it turns the match around. Very hard to get out of the corner against a good Oro with Tengu Stone activated.

To sum up, Oro has most of the top traits that you need to own, but he just does not have ways to link into big combos outside of the Chicken Combo. And you must get close to start the Chicken Combo. So a lot of people would probably just play keep away, and then they look for a chance to do Chicken Combo and/or Tengu Stone juggles/corner trap.

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  • Stamina, stamina, stamina
  • Power and priority behind his attacks
  • Throw…
  • Command throw with great range
  • Low tier stigma


  • Speed
  • Lack of defensive moves
  • No range or purpose with his ground-game

His height can work for and against you. He can’t be crossed up in the corner, but the opponent has several heights to target hit jumping attacks. In some ways, you’re more in control of space with his tall height, as it can make it difficult for the opponent to jump over you.

He is slim and not an easy target for cross-up combos.

His command throw can seem useless against experienced players, but that just means they recognize situations you might try to land one.

He has virtually no tools to stop an offense, and regain control. Except spacing, and this is where his high-priority jumping attacks come in. Also opens up for command throw opportunities.

In summary, I’d recommend him if you want to play a tall cyborg with a hat and a trench coat. Or if the pros and cons list above sounds like a decent fit for your play style.


Pros-Quick powerful damage
-Has the highblade quick which ken doesnt:razzy:
-coolest character ever
-great for begginers and intermediate players
-dont need to remember knew moves
-a good standing player that can punish i guess idk
-Dominates cornering

Cons- Very predictable
-Pretty gay supers
-doesnt excel to much anywhere
-anything else you can think of


-Fastest Character in the game
-Very Good normals
-Lots of mixups
-Lots of combos
-Doesn’t need meter to get good damage in
-Setups and mindgames
-Ground game is improved with use of sa3
-Air throw

-Very weak stamina
-Specials very punishable on block
-Crappy supers (Yami shigure would have been good with 2 bars though)
-Hard to learn and harder to master
-Has a tough time with the top tier

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I am back. This is BisonSFIV.

It is supposed to be a general guide for new players on choosing their character, and also a bit on the general styles of each character.
The guide on Q and Ryu… are pretty low quality.

True_Tech maybe you can edit your post to fill it up with the rest of the character guides.


  • alot of variety in attacks
  • most moves can be easily followed by other attacks and so on
  • one of the most useful taunts
    -easy to use mindgames
    -has alot of stun potential
    -best meaty in the game
    -sa3 can put that fear on ur oponent if you know how to use it
    -standing hk makes up for his shoryu beeing a shit aa

-shoryu only good mostly for wakeups
-sa3 only has 1 bar

  • i think he has the lowest hp after the twins
    -no real high damage normal combos that is worth the risk


+Has a mustache

-Doesn’t know how to kick lol!

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  • Stamina
  • Damaging combos
  • Kara throw

-Gets hit by the most damaging version of every combo
-No good wakeup attack
-No good get-off-me attack
-Difficult to set up damaging combos
-One cancelable/comboable normal, no cancelable or comboable low normals
-Has difficulty taking advantage of parries
-Can be spaced out
-Unsafe attacks
-Tall when crouching

You could have shortened Q’s cons by just saying he sux. He does have a lot of shit going against him though. I think the designers based his high stamina to be the main part of his fighting style. With this character you can get hit a lot and still be alive even though he has shit (or at least not much more than Hugo or Twelve or anyone else in that lower tier).

I personally think Makoto is faster than Ibuki. Speed wise Makoto is by far the quickest character in the game. As far as the character that does the best job moving from one end of the screen to the other safely and with the most ways to do it. Her dash although taking her far across the screen is almost impossible to punish on reaction. She can be in your face from nearly the entire screen length in an instant. If you back dash a couple times away it literally takes less than half a second for her dash to move her right next to you again. Playing enough of the matchup vs. Makoto it’s pretty obvious that Makoto is clearly the quicker character. Ibuki has some quick moves but she just isn’t able to cover the entire screen length in half a second like Makoto can.

Most of the other stuff makes sense though. The only things I probably wouldn’t agree with are the majority of her specials being unsafe. Well…half of them are unsafe but that’s because half of them aren’t worth using 99 percent of the time. Ibuki I’m sure was given a lot of specials just out of variety’s sake to make her feel different from the rest of the cast and give her niche situations that she can create. Like how qcf+P actually isn’t terrible for beating a Urien tackle that you know is coming but the move has 99 other situations where it’s absolutely useless.

Kunais when timed right are always safe on block (especially EX kunais), qcb+MK only leaves you at 2 frames disadvantage (very tough for Ken to super punish on reaction), EX qcb+K is punishable on block by almost nothing except Electric Snake minus if you did it at point blank range. HCB+P is about 5 or more frames negative on block but if you use it sparingly it’s risky for the opponent to reverse and you can mix it up with qcb+MK to keep the opponent guessing. If you feel they may get red parry happy you can mix it up with Raida which beats parries. Most of her specials are not to be used when the person is blocking any ways. She already has 2 or 3 specials that are relatively safe on block minus when certain characters have meter. Plus plenty of normals that are plenty safe on block regardless if the character has meter.

Yami Shigure is a pretty good super. The only thing that sucks about it is that she only gets one bar to use it. It’s otherwise a very solid super. It’s not really the super that’s bad so much as Ibuki not having a good low normal to confirm the super into. Ibuki’s difficiencies hurt the super a bit as well. In 2nd impact she had a low hitting chain combo that went into her Hashin Sho super. Crazy broke. Kasumi Suzaku is IMO very underrated as far as the actual super itself. It gives her the ability to push people away or kill them in situations where most any other character simply would be out of range or unable to do. She can seal a match from the entire screen length away and the super has a lot of situational tricks that pretty much a lot of other supers in the game are uncapable of doing (such as TK/Instant SA1 or Ver A unblockables). The other great thing about SA1 is that it gives her a ton of meter and Ibuki’s EX’d specials are quite useful.


+Has best super in the game
+Is really quick
+Genei Jin is good
+His dive kicks are good
+He can run away and dive kick all over the place and the person playing him giggles like a little bitch
+Genei Jin is so good that it’s pretty much guaranteed damage from anywhere on the screen
+Genei Jin’s bar is so small that Yun gets it like 8 seconds after he just used it

-Does not have resurrection

The only thing I find wrong with Q is you really have to have your parry game down, due to his playstyle. The classic combo seems to be absent in Q’s line up, meaning he’s got a higher learning curve, especially for someone trying to pick the game up

(had a friend that was new to 3s, picked up Q and got so frustrated that he quit forever)

Yeah, good point with the ground-game, it’s completely absent, indeed… just gotta counter-poke with far standing MK, just that it doesn’t lead anywhere special, huh, hehe…

Part 2 - Chun Li

True_Tech knows what he is talking about, unlike SK and them who just close all them threads and try to ban Bison. Tech I read what you wrote about putting the SBO talk together in that thread, I aint gonna make that kind of thread anymore. Can you sticky this thread up? But I think SK banned me before I could read my PMs. I was in touch with Azazel over the situation here at SRK, but now cannot check his further PMs to me in that account.

Anyway, here is the second part of the Character Traits/Style Guide, this one is Chun Li:

Chun Li-

The Good Side Of Chun Li:

  • Almost all normal moves have devastating priority, range, and good speed
  • Normal moves and Command Normal Moves (eg. Back + Fierce) do good damage
  • A few Fierce Punches will already take away almost half Ken’s HP
  • Has average stun bar, average stamina
  • Her crouching position can avoid quite a few hits
  • Decent dashes
  • Throw has long range if you do the kara throw. Can be tricky.
  • Her Super Art 2 - Houyoku-Sen. VERY good damage. About 40% of Ken’s HP
  • Many normal moves can be comboed into Houyoku-Sen.
  • Her crouching MK has very long range, comes out fast, easily comboed into SA2.
  • Opponents always have to watch for your crouching MK when you have stock
  • Her ground normals beats many things. Her AIR normals too.
  • Long, fast and powerful normal/air normal moves make it hard for the enemy to get close to start an offense, not to mention her kara throw
  • If enemy is in the corner, can trap/pressure them, chance for Super Art 2
  • Kara Universal Overhead (UOH) has long range
  • Tricky Cross-Up/Cross-Over HK (Roundhouse Kick) lol

The Weak Side Of Chun Li:

  • No good combo other than comboing into her Super Art 2
  • Her only proper ways of dealing damage is SA2 and poking with normals
  • Cannot really punish enemy if they miss/get blocked if you don’t have SA2 stock
  • No great wake-up move. EX Spinning Bird Kick can be decent.
  • Relatively slow Universal Overhead
  • She is ‘light’. So she can be juggled more in many situations.
  • Dudley can corner juggle her quite a bit
  • When you don’t have a Super Art 2 stocked, they may use the chance to rush you down before you get it, you still have your high priority normals though.
  • She is used by many players you see on video. Adding her ‘boring’ style

Unique/Interesting Notes:

  • She can jump off the wall. Useful for escaping corner pressure.
  • She can do a throw in the air.
  • After the last launching kick in her Super Art 2, you can jump up to hit them
  • ‘Corner trap’, missing up her Kara Throw with normal moves like Low MK
  • You can keep doing ‘stomp’ (Down + MK in the air) if they are in the corner
  • EX Lightning Legs almost impossible to parry for chip damage
  • Charge Buffer/Partitioning (EX) Spinning Bird Kick is useful/tricky
  • She has more than one taunt, they can be pretty rude/provoking.

To sum up, Chun Li is best at almost EVERYTHING, but - no proper combos and reliable wake up move. HOWEVER, she is still probably the best character. She does not have combos, but her long, fast, priority normals compensates for it, maybe even better. This makes her especially good to use for tricky scrubs like me who can’t really execute combos properly. And if the opponent is not highly skilled, you can counter their careless jump-ins/attacks quite easily with her crazy normals, and often combo that into her Super Art 2, which is VERY high damage, relatively. You can have 2 stocks of these, landing 2 of these on them will almost get you the round. If your enemy is too scared to close in on you, then you can just stay away and do normal moves to the air to gain EX meter to stock up her Super Art 2.
If you want a lot of action, big combos, then Chun Li lacks in that department. This means she is often just played ‘defensively’ rather than being aggresive or starting attacks by herself. Chun Li:
Great normals, poke, counter. Build EX meter. Land Super Art 2. Win.

If I missed something, let me know.


  • Oro does not have above average stamina, he has below average stamina.
  • He has one frame of invincibility during his dash, so good luck with dashing through fireballs.
  • Oro is not fast. Ibuki is fast. Yun is fast. Oro is not. His double jump in fact makes him slower.
  • Tengu Stone is not cheap. GJ is cheap (just kidding… Tengu Stone is very cheap… but not as cheap as GJ)
  • MK -> command grab or cr.MK -> command grab is amazing and broken and is another combo outside the chicken combo. It’s actually in some ways a better option than the chicken combo (faster startup, more damage, more stun).
  • EX uppercut is a good punish.
  • The chicken combo is a long combo. MK to command grab is a long combo. Cr.LK to uppercut works as a combo. He can make longer combos without super bar than half the cast. Sean can’t make long combos.
  • Oro has an amazing keep-away game. He can win without ever doing the chicken combo.


  • No forward throw. If Oro had a forward throw he’d probably be high tier.
  • His random pokes can be punished quite easily.
  • Chun rapes him in the ass.

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