Character Traits/Styles Guide: Guide To Choosing Your Character

-Very good pokes
-Good speed
-High damage
-Can ride a single knockdown into a win
-One of the best natural throws in the game
-High defense
-LP headbutt is jesus

-Almost all of his high damage can be guessed out of or is super specific
-Very poor punishing options, which are either specific (character cannot be crouching, must be in range or VERY VERY disadvantageous on block), or low damage (LK, LK Tackle), outright cannot punish some things that others can.
-Almost all of his garunteed high damage is incredibly risky if you guess wrong (airfireballs and c.HP leave you at a huge disadvantage)

what do you mean by good speed? also you forgot he sucks on wakeup

Not really, his lack of punishment is more what causes the problem, he has LP headbutt, you should be blocking a large majority of the time anyway.

Most of his moves have low startup for how fast/strong they are.

I should have included being tall too…

Really now?

ESPECIALLY without a dick

his forward throw is so bad all it does is use up an extra second on the clock and a pixel or two (two if you’re lucky!) of damage, thats pretty much like not existing.

i think his best kara throw is f+MP which is useless because it leads into his horrible forward throw… if he could throw you with tengu or even just to maintain corner momentum hed at least be urien tier+

hell if uriens c.MK was super cancelable, hed probably be top tier (it would make tyrant slaughter actually very good and then hed have one of the best punish options in the game!!!)

^^^Yeah…I was gonna say the same. Tyrant Slaughter is godlike for punishing stuff and does really good damage. If his c.MK was cancellable he’d have 2 very viable supers instead of just one that takes a lot of execution and sometimes just flat out prayer to do what you want it to. I actually don’t even know if having a cancelling c.MK would make Aegis any much better. It would just allow him to throw on a c.MK before cancelling fireball to Aegis instead of just fireball from farther ranges.

Well, since I like balls, I pick Remy. Necro is flamboyant as well.

If Oro had a forward throw he would have a stellar corner game. Both his throws put Oro in the corner and the opponent on the other side, and as mentioned before his neutral throw is a joke. Just think - take Oro’s fast fireballs, mixup, stun damage, and tengu traps, and add to it a throw like Ibuki’s or Ken’s foward throw. It would make Oro that much better.

Capcom screwed Oro on purpose.

well i think they tried to limit him or something. He is only using one arm now

With her foot!

Yeah good luck parrying that shit.

Better? Undoubtedly. I agree it’s something that would help him, but it doesn’t all of a sudden change the risk/reward involved in playing Oro and make him climb up in the tiers (I hate that word). Besides, his backwards throw is very good even with the change in sides. You have to be pretty skilled to land a non-random (guaranteed) chicken combo into tengu or yagou compared to landing Ken’s SA3 from*2 or strong frierce chain. There’s also the lack of a threat other than a MK and HK at mid range. Oro has a strong air game he can use to get in, but that doesn’t compensate the fact that his options to land a combo (even though better when close) still pale in comparison to what we consider top tier. The biggest thing missing from Oro’s game is a threat from mid range on the ground and not another option up close. Right now you pretty much KNOW Oro’s gonna jump at or over you at some point or another. If his cmd ‘throw’ had more range and was safe on block, that would add more IMO than a throw to keep people cornered. Unless of course the hypothetical forward throw did abnormal damage and led into a mixup etc. etc. etc.

makoto’s jumping mk is very very cheap

Do you play Oro? mk and hk are pretty damn threatening.

And his air fireballs knock down. I really don’t have time ATM to respond at length but I thought that I would add that.

I disagree. Just think of what a ken player can do if youre determined to block his hit confirms. He can just throw you over and over and over again, each one taking off a good chunk of health and putting you right back where you started.

With Oro, you can either choose to use the forward throw (low damage) or the backward throw (completely lose your positioning), and that means that he has trouble against good turtlers. None of his offensive mixups are particularly devastating, and so people can just block low to avoid any major damage.


Stamina(best in the game)
Kara throw(best in the game)
Cannot be crossed up in the corner, ever

Replicates a giant punching bag
Against higher tiers, becomes a giant punching bag

No fast high priority attacks worth using(See above two)
No low cancelable normal(Main thing that makes him lower tier)

Bottom line:
His cons(not all were listed here btw) outnumber the pros 10:1. Don’t make Q your main, he will make you want to quit 3s forever

Unless you’re Kuroda.