Character unlocker

hey folks…i got a lttle the first day i bought this game (sf4 ofc) i used the charcter and title unlocker from this forum. i got pc version with windows live.
now im just sick of it.i want to unlock all this stuff by myself is there a way to reunlock this all?

im nott willing to use a new account…just want the characters and titles self unlocked

there is. try the sf iv thread instead of the tech talk.

thx m8…but i dont have any idea of using cheat engine…seems to be the guide is only a description how to unlock everything…i need the opposite

e:i think the only way is reinstall…right?

<edit> shit I can’t read.
Uninstall the game, and re-install it. Otherwise go into your Documents folder and hunt for the Capcom folder.

ereased all save files there…12k gp lost -.-

now i have to start new…WTF is this!!! i thougt the gp are saved in my live acc:crybaby:

e:if i log in to live…i got my gp :slight_smile: happy