Character Unlocks in Import MvC2

I recently got my hands on a Japanese copy of Marvel vs Capcom 2 for Dreamcast, and had a question for anyone that may know.

I am in the process of unlocking characters and I noticed that there are 3 types of points: D-Points [playing on console], N-Points [playing at the arcade cabinet], and V-Points [playing in ‘Network Mode’].

There are certain characters that require N-Points to unlock and some require a combination of D-Points and N-Points. Obviously, living in the US near no arcades, I cannot play on an arcade cabinet with VMU compatibility. Does this mean that I am out of luck as far as unlocking the remaining characters?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Just look for TDC Final v2 then download and burn, it has a Japanese MvC2 save on there that has all the characters unlocked. It’s very easy to find.

So all I need to do is find TDC Final v2 and burn it to a CD-R. After that, do I just pop it into my Dreamcast to get the saves? Does it matter which Dreamcast I use (Japanese or American)?

Sorry for the late response.

Not sure if TDC Final v2 boots up without a Boot Disk on Japanese DC’s, but if it’s a US DC then yeah, just burn it on a CD-R and load it up normally. It will have all the Saves on it.

Thanks, I’ll give this a shot next time I get a chance. If you can play it on an American DC, then I will do that to get the saves on my VMU, at least.

Ah…I remember the good old days of dreamcast internet. You’d just go to, find the game you needed files for, and dl right to the vmu. Good times…good times.

Well I got TDC Final v2 downloaded and burned. I must say, **Toodles **did a hell of a job on this thing. It is a treasure chest of 2D fighting greatness; it’s a shame I already own all the titles on here.

But what’s most important is the save for MvC2, which it had. Thanks much KYO84, for your help.

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