Character win/loss ratios

I started this thread to see if we all have similar struggles and strengths with Guile. The game tracks your win % vs each character. So what is everyone’s top 5 and bottom 5?

My top 5 are …

  1. Dan
    5)Evil Ryu

Bottom 5 are(1st being my worst)
1)El Fuerte

My worst (the characters I lose the most against) are:

  1. Seth
  2. Dhalsim
  3. Vega
  4. C. Viper
  5. Abel

Most are bad matchups…as far as Vega, I tend to fall victim to crossup wall dive/izuna drop spam. :confused:

I think Fuerte is Guile’s worse matchup, but I rarely run into Fuerte’s online (much less good ones). Likewise with Akuma…most online Akumas just spam air fireballs all match.

I’ve always had a little trouble with Blankas as well, I just kinda get randomed out and confused by his hops at times.

In the mid 3000-4000 PP range elf gets nasty. Many times I’ve lost over 100 pp to a 2000 pp elf.
The wall dives from Vega can be frustrating. A back jump early medium kick usually shut these down. He’s weak to cross ups and pressure his back flips. Bait his launcher kick by turtling close and flash kick it. I try not to enter a poke fight with him. His range is better.

Vega should be a really easy fight, the only trouble you should have in that fight is with his jump roundhouse and crouch strong

there are exceptions. have you played ZeustheGod on psn? i hate reading statements like this sorry, but when i consider a character i only consider the best that play them. this isnt an “easy” fight. maybe against online scrubs (the vast majority of people online, maybe this is what you are referring to), but not against someone who knows mixups, gimmicks, setups, and basically knows that theyre doing. what about that Vega player that swept the entire european team including ryan hart at canada cup?

Dude I’m from Calgary, that Vega, Jozhear, I play him all the time. I know.

Is he on xbl? Jozhearvega or something? I play him a lot.

yeah he’s the #1 Vega uhh Jozhear as Vega or something like that

He’s the only Vega that gives me real trouble. I only play online however.
I need to play him again soon.

Oh, local offline is the way to go

everyone says that. When you’re a father with a beyond full time job, other hobbies, and friends who don’t play fighters, online is the way to go. I get to play great players like jozhear, dream theater, and geom among others and I’m fine with this.

YouGeniuZ is also a very strong Vega player on 360.
He just recently beat Tokido in a competition,but it was his Cody vs Tokido.

As far as Vegas go, ZeustheGod and Blood-and-steel1 are both very formidable players on PSN. I never play Jozhear but it’s clear he belongs in the same category.

Its an insult to compare him to them