Character with the best rushdown? Best turtle? Best zoning?

I’d figure best zoning would be Dhalsim since he can control space at nearly every level.

Best turtle…Guile? Down back, sonic boom recovers super fast, standing uppercut or flash kick for jumpers. Once in a while throw a slow sonic and walk up for a backfist?

Best rushdown…Cammy, Seth, maybe Sakura? I don’t know.

rush-cammy. turtle-fei. zoning-akuma

Sim / Sagat


So according to metallicaband Cammy is the best rushdown but then for Thunder Road Man Guile is the best rushdown and Cammy is the best at zoning. Lol I think we need some sort of order here! Since the OP ordered it as 1. rushdown, 2. turtle and then 3. zoning, I’ll order mine like that.

  1. Cammy
  2. Maybe Blanka
  3. Akuma

sagat (without any doubt strongest zooner ingame)

What’s the difference between a zoner and a turtle ? why Sim would be a zoner while Guile a turtle ?

  1. Rushdown: Cammy, hands down. Shehas the scariest rushdown by far.
  2. Zoner: Dhalsim: the fact that he beats Sagat and guile at their own game shows that he is THE ultimate zoner
  3. Turtle: I have a hard time here. I would say Honda, but watching Mike ross playing and calling Honda a turtle…Balrog also comes in mind. Maybe Vega ?

Whaat ? Fei a turtle ? Akuma best zoner ?

turtle: chun

Sagat is the best at zoning, not Dhalsim. Dhalsim is probably the second or third best at zoning, but he also has decent runaway.

I also can’t believe Akuma was mentioned as the “best” zoner. He can zone pretty well, but even Gouken is better at zoning than he is.

Either Blanka or Boxer would be contenders for the best turtles, along with lame Hondas. Chun can lame turtle too I guess, but she doesn’t really do it as well as the others.

The best rushdown is no contest, and only one answer.

reading the comments here i realize that 80% have no idea what zoonig means

Online T Hawk
Online Blanka
Online T Hawk

If Sagat is the best zoner, then how comes he lose to Dhalsim ? It’s not like sim beats him by rushing him down or vortexing.

and in which universe sagat looses to dalshims zooning? could you pls explain me what you mean, how he looses ?

do you know what a fireball war means att all and how you determine if a character won the fireball war or lost it?

Rush - Cammy > Seth, Akuma, Viper, Fei-Long, Yang, Yun
Turtle - Dhalsim > Guile, Honda, Balrog
Zoning - Sagat > Guile, Dhalsim, Akuma, Ryu

The characters after the “>” are in no order.

Sagat loses to Dhalsim since…SF2. He always lost to sim, and still loses.

how old are you?
How much PP you have?

Cammy has the best rushdown no doubt. It’s hard to say who has the best zoning though, everyone seems to say Sagat but he has many matchups where his zoning is not effective at all. And what is wrong with saying that Akuma got great zoning?

And how important is how much PP I have ? this is the way you determine how good is someone ? :razzy:
And I’m probabelly older than you.


its important how much PP you have… its not a precise tool to determine how good someone is but fact is that ppl with higher PPs tend to know what they 're talking about
you clearly have no idea what you talking about
and i wouldnt say you are older than me since Yagami Light is your avatar