Character with the best rushdown? Best turtle? Best zoning?

If you are judging people by how much pp they have, then I’m afraid you are the one who doesn’t have a clue. Online doesn’t mean much, son, the fact that you have 5000 pps doesn’t say anything.

I don’t even know who Yagami is. My avatar has nothing to do with any yagami.

Btw, instead of being a smartass, why don’t you prove me wrong ? Or you just like to keep true to your nickname ?

ok meet me ingame … i’ll play sagat you play dalshim
and lets just throw fireballs at each other
its the best way to determine whos the better zooner


You just can’t be serious.

Lol online fights. Ever seem that HERP vs. DERP gif??

Rushdown: Cammy, Seth, Dan, any online grappler
Turtle: Guile, Sagat, Dhalsim, Rose, grapplers with life lead
Zoning: Guile, Rose, Akuma, Adon

Tbh littlescumbag seems to live up his name. The way you word your sentences is so argumentative and it’s like you’re seeking conflict. It’s fine to have opinions but don’t talk to people like they’re a piece of shit: 1. “reading the comments here i realize that 80%** have no idea what zoonig means**” 2. “and in which universe sagat looses to dalshims zooning? could you pls explain me what you mean, how he looses ? do you know what a fireball war means att all and how you determine if a character won the fireball war or lost it?”

Well, for starters, I don’t play Dhalsim - and seeing your sig, you don’t play Sagat either, so I don’t think it would be too relevant. Second, one of us might just be a better player, so again, irelevant.

Putting this apart:
What is zoning - simply put it, it means the abilitty to keep your opponent in a certain range, where you have the most advantages.
The SRK Glossary - WIP - srk definition: "Finding the perfect distance to limit your opponent’s options. Ryu wants to find the distance from which if his opponent jumps over a Hadouken, he can easily Shoryuken them out of the air."
Zoning does NOT mean throwing fireballs only, so zoning does not equal fireball wars.
If that would be the case, Chun Li wouldn’t be called a good zoner, since her FB is pretty weak - but her amazing normals makes her a great zoner. On the other hand, Dee Jay has a fireball, but he is not a good zoner at all, because he lacks the normals to do this.

Sagat vs Dhalsim:
sim always beat Sagat. In SF2:
You can see what top players think of this match: the majority called it 7-3 Sim.
In SF4: in super : - F Champ made it and he called the match 6-4 Sim’s favour.
In AE: - a japanese chart - the match is 6-4 sim
Finally you can click for a tier list in my Sig.
Tournament results: - Dhalsim dominates quite clearly

Why ? Well, I don’t main either characters, so maybe others could explain it better, but Dhalsim usually wins because he is able to keep Sagat in a certain range where he has the most advantages.
Yes, Sagat has a better fireball, but like I said, zoning does not mean just throwing fbs. Dhalsim also has the limbs that can keep the opponent where he wants, a.k.a. zone him.

And in my humble oppinion, if Dhalsim can beat Sagat at his own game, than he is a better zoner overall.
Btw, if you would only take into consideration the fireball, than Sim would be one of the worst zoners in the entire game, since his projectile is not great at all by itself.

Finally, a piece of advice - next time don’t be so eager to call names.

A few things…

  1. LittleScumbag - Dhalsim has always beaten Sagat. Its not because his fireball is better, which it isn’t, but because he can control space with his limbs. Sagat can win the fireball war but Dhalsim has other tools that help him win overall (limbs, yoga tower, etc…).

  2. I would disagree that Dhalsim beating Sagat makes him a better zoner. I’d say its more viable to look at how each character zones the whole cast overall. Does Dhalsim zone a majority of the cast better than Sagat? Then yes, he’s a better zoner. Akuma can out-zone Guile but that doesn’t mean he’s a better zoner. Think of which characters he can’t out-zone and then ask yourself if Guile can.

Akuma’s fireball game is based around building meter and some stalling, while Guile’s is based on raw keep-away.

  1. PP means jackshit. And I don’t understand what age has to do with it? I’m going to assume Scumbag is really young.

Age doesn’t mean jack shit when it comes to video games. And PP lol, unless it’s a 2K PP difference it don’t matter at all. Btw this our friend littlescumbag playing here :


You talk like ur pro or some shit?

He got 3000PP on GFWL, that means that he is high level player. :tup:

Dhalsim has the best zoning game, period, and Guile is probably a close second. Sagat is just overall the best zoning based character because he also has a dp, great comeback potential, great damage, much better health etc.

Sim also beats Sagat, probably 6-4. Sagat is pretty much forced to stay at the end of the screen and chuck tigers, and Sim doesn’t have a hard time dealing with them. Any closer and Sagat gets raped by normals, and its pretty impossible to get in on Sim because Sagat is slow as hell.

That’s pretty bad logic behind Dhalsim being “the best” at zoning since there’s more than a single matchup.

yeah. watch good fei’s.

they dont really do anything. walk forward. down back. wait.

its almost purely reactive and counteractive gameplay until they establish a corner. just because they are sitting a quarter screen away instead of on the other side of the screen doesnt mean its not turtling

akuma to me is the best character who also does some good zoning. as opposed to someone like sim who purely zones, but isnt a very good character

EDIT-some of these explanations. doing it wrong

I’d say that Akuma is a bloody good zoner, if zoning is defined as the ability to force a certain, advantageous spacing. The thing is, though, that characters like Guile, Sim, Sagat and Ryu all accompish it by playing keepaway, forcing their opponent out. Akuma’s tremendous mobility lends itself to playing a more runaway kind of style where you stall the opponent a bit while resetting yourself. Infiltration’s favourite low jump-back fireballs being a brilliant case in point here.

As for rankings:
Rushdown: Cammy
Keepaway-oriented zoning: Sagat (or perhaps Sim if played by an absolute master)
Turtling: Fei Long
Nigete! : Akuma

are you a fan of the song of ice and fire books?

get this online crap out of here.

My logic is the following: Sagat and Guile are some of the best zoners in the game. Dhalsim beats both of them at their own game - outzoning them. Therefore, Sim is a beter zoner than both Guile and Sagat.
I say it’s a pretty good logic.
I think Dhalsim is overall the best zoner in the game, but problem is - he is also a hardcore zoner, very unidimensional, in a game that does not reward zoning that much. That’s why Sim is worse overall than Guile and Sagat, because these 2 are a “little” less unidimensional in their games (Sagat having a great comeback factor helps him a lot, but that has nothing to do with him being a good zoner).

Maybe we have different understanding by what “turtle” means - I understand a character that gets a life lead and than wait for the adversary to come to him.
Fei Long is nothing like this - he wants to press the opponent in the corner, he is an offensive character.

Well, the question was who’s the best zoner, not who’s the best character. I think Dhalsim has a better zoning game overall than Akuma. Actually I have a hard time to call Akuma a proper zoner - there are few matches where his objective is to zone his adversary.

i think your mind will get blown right now! what if i say ryu wins the fireball war against guile ?

pls explain me (no sarcasm or anything) what do you understand under the term “better zooner” ?

i think we may speak of different things here me and you … i am talking about firebal wars and you are talking about zooners in generall , there may lay the problem

feel free to challenge him and tell me how you did … extremly strong and arguably the strongest bison on pc live atm , and i didnt want to counterpick with cammy like a bitch i just stuck with ryu till the end although ryu has a hard time against bison… so, go boy challenge him and prove your skill to us before you talk about others little bitch …
btw i play sagat on the side too (verry bad though) so my points got scaled from 4k to 3k