Character with the most tools?


I’ve always like to play jack of all trades characters in games who always had one more tool to deal with a situation or one more unique trick up their sleeve. Just wondering which character in SF4 has the most tools?


I’d say Ryu. He really has it all.

Some might say Sagat overall though.

Ryu or Sagat

Akuma/Gouki has the most tools of the shotos.
Only McGyver has even more.

sagat and ryu are tools

Vega has a mask AND a claw. I’d say he has the most.



Seth, that ball stomach having bastard has it all. Killer zoning, monster combos and combo potential, inescapable ultra set-ups, deals big stun, command throw, teleport, air stomps…

Comes at a price though, you pretty much can only fuck up once or twice.

SETH & AKUMA has tool for every situation in substitute for low health

Viper would like to have a word with you about that. She’ll be bringing her stun glove, pulse glove and FUCKING JETBOOTS. That looks like one more tool than Vega’s got. Plus, one of them is fucking jetboots, with flamethrowers.

But seriously, Akuma. Look up the “vortex” in the Akuma boards if you don’t believe me, that shit is nursty. Plus, on top of that, he has a teleport, a few fireballs, and an SRK.

What’s the difference between the pulse and stun glove? Dude, Vega has a fckin CLAWWWWW. I mean, A CLAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I love claws. Fuck maybe they’re tied.

On a more serious note: Play Viper. Alot of “tools” and she’s a blast to play with. Playing a char with a Hadouken is over rated. BUT BUT, RYU AND AKUMA HAS DEM TEWLZ. Viper flash takes all.

Ya definitely Seth, with Akuma coming in second. That’s the whole point of those characters. But if you want one main you can always count on, Jack of all trades type thing, Ryu for sure. Sagat doesn’t really have the most options, but most of his options lead to big damage. More than anything I think he excels at punishing (f+hk f+hk ultraaaaa) and some of his matchups can be funny (Gief vs There’s nothing tricky about Sagat but he doesn’t need tricks :smokin:

Akuma has more mixup options, but the reason why everyone plays Ryu online (besides light DP being nigh-unpunishable with a little lag) is that he’s not bad at anything. He has no bad matchups, and no highly exploitable weaknesses. Sagat, for instance, can still be pinned down thanks to his size, and he’s much easier to punish if he makes a mistake.

Another Ryu player is boring, though. Embrace the tactical opportunities in choosing a character with actual weaknesses!

Seth for sure. I think Akuma has more mixup options overall, but Seth has a friggin SPD and better zoning overall. A weenie ultra but can close the round for him or give him a slight lead that he might need to win the round. Seth has more opportunities to land ultra than anyone else in the game.

Seth and Akuma.


edit: uhh obligatory actually contributing. Ryu for most viable easy tools, akuma for most viable hard tools.

Seth and Akuma.

Fuckin’ flamethrower boots!!!

Tim ‘The Toolman’ Taylor.

Lol I immediatly thought of the [media=youtube]CrPsh_25tXU"[/media] from the theme tune when you said that :rofl:

Seth has the most tools in SF4, but some are useless, like non-ex dragon punch as anti air. It will trade or flat out get beat by most attacks.

Akuma has alot of tools too.

Ryu probably doesn’t have as many as Seth or Akuma, but what he does have seems to work really well. Alot of his attacks will trade with or even beat out other moves.

To sum it up…

Seth has alot of tools but alot of them get beat pretty easily
Ryu has a simple set but they work really well.

Akuma is probably halfway between them.

Don’t take this as 100% truth, this is just my opinion from my own experience.