Character's anti-airs

Ive been playing CvS2 for a few months now and have finally decided to learn to play it properly. I play on the Xbox version of the game using a PS2 pad and therefore no RCs.

My first most basic thing to overcome is jump-ins. I noticed when watching some videos of high level play that people jump in very rarely. This is not the case with my games where each player jumps, maybe, more than 20 times a round. I know that DP is an anti-air but its the only one that is used in my household. Ive only just started using normals for AA people and have noticed how effective they can be.

This whole jumping mania has gotten even worse now since my brother has gone small jump mad (with Sagat and Blanka). Its okay if Im in K or P-groove as I JD or parry it respectively, but Ive recently started using N-groove properly and this is a huge problem for me. I cannot DP on reaction and therefore I have to learn the more basic AAs.

Could people post up a character or two and point out their AA and explain them. Something that might go a bit like this.
Guile: -
s.MP is an excellent AA for Guile. Comes out fast has very good priority and will punish most jump-ins that are short. Also, great for punishing small jumps.
cr.HP hits directly up and is good against someone jumping directly on top of you. Dont expect too much though as it often trades hits.
Flash kick comes out very fast and seems to hit people at strange angles. Im not sure but I think that it hits cross-jumps too. Will also trade a lot but try and get it in early.

Yeah, Guiles AAs are the only ones I know. Characters that I often use are: -
Chun (I have big problems against people jumping right on top of me).
Iori (problems with all jump-ins).
Terry (big problem against small jumps).
Rugal (again problems with all jump-ins)
And a handful of others

You can also point out any strategies against jump-ins. For example using Chun I often roll under a lot of them and cr.HK them.

Its been said a thousand times before but please dont turn it into a flame war.
Thanks people!

Blanka has neutral jump HP, neutral jump HK, s.HK, s.HP, Blanka ball, diagonal ball, any super… lots of AA choice, each with different pros and cons. I try to tag them out of the air with a straight up j.HP, or if they jump in with a groove that can’t block my super, I super them.

Sagat with meter is easy. Tiger Cannon for free. Depending on the distance, you can also tag them with a standing fierce or RH. You could also jump and try to hit them out of their jump with a HP or HK. Tiger uppercuts and knees seem to trade with a lot of jump ins, so I don’t do as many of those as AA.

Most people don’t jump in on Blanka and Sagat if they have meter. If you are in C, A, S, or N, that is a free super; either tiger cannon or electric ball.

Ryu and Ken have c.HP, which is probably the best non DP/funky kick AA you can do. Ryu can also s.HK at the right distance, and Shin Shoryuken done late if you got the level.

If you can’t DP on reaction though, I’d work on that.

1)Chun- cr. RH(far and close) , jump back strong(on top of her)

2)Ken- Dp, cr. fierce, st. forward, close st. forward(on top of him)

3)Ryu- Dp, cr. fierce, st. forward, st. RH, close st. RH(on top of him)

4)Sagat- Deep Tiger Uppercut, jumping fierce/RH, st. RH, close st. fierce, jump back forward kick, st. strong(far)

5)Iori- Dp, close st. fierce, cr. fierce.

6)Rock- cr. strong, st. Rh or cr. fierce(far)

7)Terry- down-forward+fierce, jump back forward kick/fierce, cr. strong/st. forward(small jump)

8)Yuri- cr. fierce, Dp

9)Blanka- cr. fierce(far), jumping fierce, jump back RH/strong, st. RH, st. fierce(small jump)

10)Rugal- cr. fierce(far), st. strong

Guile’s flash kick isn’t a good AA against C, P, or K. C because they can ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS air block it. P and K cause it only hits once so it’s not hard for an experienced P/K groover to parry/JD.

Guile’s roundhouse flash kick is awesome anti-air. It sounds like you’re trying to imply that a Guile player should never use flash kick against C-groove just because the move can be air-blocked. What if you know for sure the C-groover jumping in stuck out an attack? I for one, would much rather blow through his attack for a clean hit with flash kick than to possibly trade or get completely stuffed when I attempt d.HP.

Just because K or P groove can counter your anti-air DP/Tiger Uppercut/Flash Kick attempts, does it mean you should stop attempting them altogether? I don’t like it when people get messed up by jumping Mai or Vega just because they’re afraid to DP…

Mix up your anti-airs with Guile. When you know they’re going to attack, Flash Kick. When you know they’re looking bait your Flash Kick by jumping in and airblocking/JDing/Parrying, jump up yourself and air throw them.

In my opinion, the people who are afraid to take risks every now and then are the same people who lose all the time. Just because it’s POSSIBLE that your Flash Kick (ie. Guile’s DP) might be airblocked, doesn’t mean you should stop using it altogether.

i’ll post who i usually play


  • close/far s.MK (crossups too)
  • dp+HP (deep)
  • intentional trade dp+LP/dp+MP juggled into qcb,hcf+P


  • far s.MP
  • c.HP
  • lvl2/lvl3 AA super


  • far s.MP
  • close s.HP

I use a lot of the same characters you do. Here’s a list of what I use as anti-air (AA) and a brief explantion when to use the anti-air.


In addition to the one’s you listed
©Somersault Strike
(d)close s.MK

All (a) are great against C, P, K Grooves and can anti crossups when timed right; technically you can airthrow any attack that is considered in the air. e.g., by accident I’ve air-thrown Guile out of his far s.HK. AA (b) is good when the opponent jumps at you over a 3/4 to full screen Sonic Boom. Even though I don’t use it, AA © is one of the best anti-crossup moves in the game; the active hit box extends behind Guile.
(d) is a good anti-cross up normal move.

Chun Li

(b)j.HP, HP/j.MK
©far s.MK
(f)walk/run under s.HK/s.HP/d.HK
(g)jump back MK/MP
(h)lv 2/3 Kikoshou

AA (a) is your main front anti-air; option © is decent as a front anti-air and can be used preemtively against small jumps; use (f) against weak and predictable cross-ups and telegraphed high priority jump ins. AA (b),(g) are excellent options for high priority jump ins that d.HK can’t handle and when you don’t have time for (f). AA (h) only recommended when you know it will kill the opponent (d.HK xx Kikoshou for the same effect). Option (e) is for jump-ins that lost trip guard, which leads to d.MP xx kick super or start SBK trap. e.g., any Sagat jump in, Rugal dive, Chun cross up LK.


(a)deep HP Dragon punch
©far s.HP
(d)far s.MK
(e)close s.MK and s.HP
(h)vertical j.HK
(i)lv 2/3 Shinryuuken

(a) is your all purpose anti-air 98% of the time; to stop crossups with this move use this motion F, HCB.
(e) both are great anti-cross up moves.
(b) is only for those times you’re unprepared to use (a)
(g) is more air-to-air than anti-air but very effective; use this option along with (f) against P/K - getting parried in the air will usually cost you a single hit; whereas, on the ground you can get comboed.
©(d)(h), are variations of front anti-airs
(i) use this if it’ll kill the opponent; do it deep for most damage

(a)deep HP Dragon punch
(f)vertical j.HK
(g)late lv2/3 shinkuu hadouken
(h)deep Shin shouryuu ken

for anything not listed see Ken
(d) Ryu’s DP does not have as much horizontal range as Ken’s; for those times where the HP DP will not reach use s.HK. Use also against small jump.
(g) This is much like Sagat’s anti-air Tiger Cannon - The startup invincibility blows through the enemy attack and the FB hits.

(a)deep HP Tiger Uppercut
©Tiger Cannon
(e)far s.HP

(a) See Ken; might be just me, but Sagat seems to auto-correct his DP more often that shotos so the anti-cross up motion isn’t that necessary with him.
(b) good against high jumps like Blanka and Chun’s
© see Ryu (g)
(d) for further out jump ins
(e) good to stop jumps just taking off

(a)deep HP Dragon punch
©close s.HK
(d)far s.HK
(e)rush super

(a) see Ken’s (a)
(b) very useful to keep opponent in Iori’s optimal zone
© anti-cross up
(d) anti-straight up jump (will lose to Blanka, Sagat, Bison jumps; in those cases use (e))
(e) anti-straight up jump

©MP Rising Tackle
(d)High Counter
(e)Raging Storm

(a) main front anti-air - including small jumps
(b) anti-cross up
© good invincibility makes it a good anti-air when charged
(d) for when you predict an opponent’s jump-in attack - risky
(e) use against telegraphed jumps

(a)deep MP Dragon Punch

(a)Good invicibility on MP DP makes it a shoto-like DP (minus the damage)
(b)for when the opponent is on top of you or when you can’t DP

Can’t beleive I haven’t been flamed yet! :wow:
That’s good shit people, keep it up. :tup:

mm, well, I suppose that this is as much a question of mind games as other topic in CvS 2, but I get the impression that if you’re waiting late enough to see whether your C-opponent is going to attack, then punish with a flash kick, sometimes that doesn’t even work.

Yes, don’t be too defensive, then you turn into me, and your pace gets controlled by the opponent :frowning:

Just pick Honda and lp headbutt them at the last second, works like a charm… and is really funny when my friend (who doesn’t know how to approach with anything but a jump-in) throws the controller down and accuses me of cheating. I know its not one of your characters, but if you are in a jump happy household, maybe try him out a bit… the big guy kinda grows on ya :slight_smile:

rc rekka as anti air for iori is pretty good.

rYU, aKUMA & kEN s.HP beat most of overhead attack, included chun li xcross lk.

The V. Thanks a lot. That’s exactly the kind of stuff I’m after.

Semp, I don’t play Honda much and I’ve never really tried properly. <- -> <- -> supers are not my friends. 360 supersare not my friends.Cross jump, spinning bird kick Chun is not my friend. Three reasons not to pick Honda.

Also, I don’t play at the arcades, so NO RCs!

You really only need to know 2 or 3 for each character. Ken for example would be DP or cr fp, and that’s really all you need. Maybe straight up j fp too. If they’re right on top of you jump back fp works for everyone I can think of.

Don’t expect to be able to aa low jumps consistently against someone good. That’s pretty much the point of low jump right?

I’m a K Terry player and I haven’t had TOO much trouble with small jumps. It’s basically being able to see it and simply block instead, but it comes with time. I’m still not that great at it. And for the down-forward+fierce…I personally dont like that move. I usually end up getting nailed if I try it. Am I using it wrong? So far using ti as a normal AA hasent been working.


C.Strong, S.Rh, Crack Countah! High, Raging Storm.

About raging storm, when playing Rock in P,N, or K people usually won’t jump in on you, when u got a full bar, i’d try to bait the jump by letting them get a knock down on you and than wake up with it =D works everytime.