Characters by Pros

Hey, I know Nuki is a good Chunner but I have not seen any recent videos of him. Did he quit?

Well anyways, I’m looking for pro Chunners on YouTube, so I could learn some strategies and good tips. Does anybody know any?

I know one thing
"Chun Li Q&A Thread: Ask simple questions here before making a new thread!! "

nuki, nemo, haneyama, are my favorite japanese pro chuns

how can u not know Nemo?

too bad he retired

Search for Dayasha! :wink:

Dayasha is Nemo tier… Watch out Magneto, he’s gonna get you.

awww dang you beat me to it you bastard :nunchuck::amazed:

But really, if you want some really good chun li resources and matches to research off of, these two should be your door to the world-


Should deffinately take advantage and study up from what they do and say. They each have tutorials for some of chuns advanced stuff so be thankful they do it for us =)


Dont forget Dae, Lud, and Skatan

I forgot what their youtube channels are called though

Dae’s is jocund50

Look up Chouken from Chiba.

i wouldn’t recommend dayahsa, you can tell he’s an online player because of a lot of bad habits.

It’s a joke man, he’s well known for being terrible around here.


(un)real talk

iNerd has a pretty GDLK Chun.

i remember thinking smoothcat was a pretty cool dude, what with his chun being on point and all

Smoothcat uses Chun in every game. :lol: Cept CVS2.

that’s dedication right there

hell, i don’t touch 3s with a ten foot pole, but i’d play chun in that game if i played it.

that or ken

or yun

those are the characters in that game right?



Nobody will ever replace Nemo and his GODLIKE abilities. The best player to ever play SF4.

Oh man, I feel so much better about OnehandedTerror destroying me the other night now that I see he’s recommended for studying. I think I dropped my shoulders and put down my controller after that match.