Characters: did you stick with "your" game?


I have had the game for about a week now and I started off with the characters I knew, i.e. the SF cast, with King being the exception because I played him in Tekken 3 (Bryan Fury being the other one, but we all know where he’s at wink).

I’m a Street Fighter fan and have been playing SF4 for a couple of years and maining Juri and Honda in that game, but enjoying most of the cast in those games. I tried to mix and match with Juri always in the team, but from this weekend on I found myself gravitating towards the Tekken roster, especially Law and Asuka and I’m actually having a lot of fun getting to know them and a couple of others from the Tekken side, like Lili and Heihachi. I find I’m also ignoring a lot of the SF cast for the moment…

Just out of curiosity: if you’re a Street Fighter player, did you stick to the SF roster or did you go and explore the Tekken characters? And if you are a Tekken player, did you stick to your guns or did you switch sides? For me it was a lot of fun finding out what the Tekken boys and girls are capable of and they offer something rather different.

If you’d like, share your main and your alts. I seem to be running into a brickload of Ryu’s, Kens and Sagats and surprisingly quite a few Lili’s in Europe.

Main: Juri/Law
Alt: Asuka, Heihachi, Lili, Akuma, King
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Started: rolento / poison
After day 1: ryu / poison
After day 3: ryu / kazuya

I’m sure my team will change a few more times even before I get Sakura in the DLC.

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I started with Ibuki and Ryu, but Ibuki doesn’t have many known ambiguous setups anymore, so she’s normal.
Swtiched to Ibuki and Poison, but poison wasn’t my playstyle.
Tried Ibuki and Rolento, meh.
Now Ibuki and Julia which is working pretty well.


There was quite some hype around Poison, but I’m not sure how to play the character, do dropped her after one arcade runthrough…Rolento seems pretty powerful, I’m not saying too powerful, but man he’s annoying with that stick and his pogo-jumps!

I also found Cammy to be a huge pain in the ass with a load of jump-cancels and incredibly quick LP’s, just hopping around like an energizer bunny and there was nothing I could do with Juri and Law :frowning:


My very first team was: Ryu/Zangief.
Then I moved to Zangief/Hugo.
Then I tried Akuma/Hugo.
But I feel content with Asuka/Hugo.


I was going to play an Ibuki/Asuka team but after playing the game I didn’t enjoy them enough. Asuka was the closest thing I had to Jun and Ibuki was my main in the SF4 series. ATM I’m playing Rufus (secondary in SF4) and I’m planning to save the second slot for a Tekken character.


Before Xiayou was announced planning playing Guile Ryu. I then knew I had to put sf main Guile with my Tekken main Xiayou. I struggle with Xiayou, so I play Guile Ryu until I can get comfortable with Xiayou execution. But I’m not going to give up on her. My lab hours are dedicated to Xiayou and Guile.


I’m very specifically trying to play only Tekken characters because if I wanted to play goddamned Ryu and Rufus I’d play SF4. And I’m enjoying the new characters a lot.


When I first booted up the game last week, I went with Juri / Bison. I quickly realized that Bison was not only way different than his SF4 counterpart but that he was also terrible in this game and dropped him pretty quickly ( Juri doesn’t need to be spoken of, she is so much better in this game it’s scary so of course I wasn’t dropping her though it will may mean she will be unplayable to me now in SF4. )

I tried Lili and liked her enough to put her on my team as a start while I explore other characters. I’ve messed around with Kazuya and Julia, though I need to explore them more. I’ve done at least some of the trails for all the characters at this stage. I think I’m trying to over extend myself by trying to learn too many characters at present so I should settle on a few soon. It will probably be Juri with Lili / Kazuya, maybe Julia as well.

I’m happy enough to use a SF/T team and I haven’t really considered teaming 2 SF or Tekken chars up yet.


First thing I did was sit down with some Tekken chars, before I even touched any SF chars, since I figured they’d give the best feel for the new system. Been running Bison/Heihachi out of convenience, but I’m most interested in some combination of Lili/Raven/Heihachi. The SF chars (beyond Bison) didn’t interest me in SF4 and they don’t interest me now.


I started fighting games at Tekken 3, and stuck with Jiun as a result, even if I still can’t consistantly combo into Special Step.

For my second character Im currently using Rolento, but might switch it to Lili.

Personally Im more interested in the Tekken side of the cast.


I never really played with the Tekken series, and i was always a fan of SF series.
Now my team is Rolento and Heihachi which is pretty fun, but it will surely change over time, and i building other fun teams like King and Marduk.
So yeah, i just love the Tekken characters :slight_smile:


When I played this game I went straight for Poison/King. Poison was the only character in the SF cast I had any interest in playing and King as always been my favorite Tekken character so I went with them. I would occasionally switch out King with Lili who’s been my Tekken main since DR. I been so successful with Poison/Lili they became my main team. King been regulated to secondary team status with Kuma (who I didn’t expect I would enjoy playing with so much). My mentally going into this game was wanting to play a Street Fighter game without the SF characters. I’ve stuck with that for the most part.


I’m dropping Ryu again for Poison. I feel using Ryu has helped me grasp most of the basics of this game and zoniing in general. I noticed Poison’s really fast dash and her slow hp fireball so I feel she is meant to zone and lay traps with her knockdown game.

So poison / kazuya for me now.

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went straight for rolento/rufus

then experimented with
rolento/raven and rolento/vega

i think i’m gonna stick with rolento/rufus.


I wanted to play 1 SF and 1 Tekken character and thats what im doing. Wanted to play Yoshimitsu but hes ass.
So now Im playing Jin and then the 2nd spot is either Ken or Ibuki.


I would have IF makoto had made it.



I’ve been using Poison/Jin, for now. But, I want to learn as many characters as possible.

I’ll learn all of the returning characters I used in SF4. However, most of the characters I really want to learn are all DLC.


I like to stick with a SF/T until a certain DLC character comes out. I used to play more Tekken than Street Fighter when I was a kid because I couldn’t do the QCF SRK movements but when I got older I started playing more SF. I will always be a Tekken player, even though I haven’t played a Tekken game since Tekken 4. So in a way, no I didn’t stick to my game but I will once that said character comes out for DLC.

Mains: Lili/Zangief
Alts: Poison and Asuka


Went straight to Chun/Poison.

After day 2, started liking Law, then Nina.