Characters for the casual

I was driving at this with my post in the X-ism thread, but I thought I might as well just bring the issue out.

Summary: What characters are good for someone who’s too busy to learn V-ism?

I’m not a serious Alpha player, and I don’t plan to be. I play 3S with some SNK fighters thrown in for variety while waiting for the next major Guilty Gear installment. I picked up the Anthology because I’d never played the Alpha games before, and I thought it might be a fun change.

Between the other games and work, I’m not looking to be the next great V-Akuma. In fact, I don’t have the time to learn V-ism in any meaningful way. All I want is a simple, easy to pick up character to have some fun with–a character I could take to the arcade without embarrassing myself. I know I won’t win tournaments this way, and that’s fine.

So what are some good character/ISM choices for the casual player?

Read this thread and you may get a point or two …

If you ever want to try and learn V-ism, and your playing A3Upper or HSFA… V-ism Guile is easy to use, and quick to learn his V-ism combos…

A/X Chun, A/X 'Sim, A Shoto and A Gief seem to be viable non-V people.

Good stuff. Thanks to all that responded!

A-Chun’ pretty much defines casual for this game.

Join us scrubs and play X/A-Chun. I hated playing A3 until I found out about her. Now I have fun! If you like hitting buttons that make cockhard hitboxes come out, you’ll like playing Chun.