Characters in a-groove

my thoughts on agroove characters
any character i didn’t list i think is better in any other groove, or just not good.
anyone use any other characters in a ?

bison - bucket of paint > any other character
sak - ehh, i don’t like her personaly. but none the less she is very good in a
blanka - top tier, better in any other groove that isn’t s
cammy - top tier, better in any other groove
sagat - top tier, better in any other groove
vega - good battery, decent cc
iori - great cc’s + mixups, great rc, great character
hibiki - better then sak … good cc’s + resets … link cc of throw … great turtle … garbage vitality :frowning:
geese - absolute monster in any groove
chun li - good character, groove groove
kyo - good character, decent cc
athena - vs geese will always result in geese having over 90%hp

any other character im pretty sure sagat c. feirce puts them in their place.

Cammy is beastly is S.

I think you’re missing 2 characters…

A-Honda, mostly as a battery, but he has some corner CC’s to mix it up.

A-Rolento, lots of fun, nice damaging CC

n iori > any other iori
c/k/s sagat > a sagat
p/k/s cammy > a cammy
p/k kyo > a kyo

a todo’s a beast.
a-ken is good too.

I concour. A blanka can build meter so much faster in A groove, and WASTE AWAY. Link CC after RC elec = teh violence.

A ken - probably his best groove with his simple CCs and anti air CC. unless his boring brother C groove has sumthin to say about it.

A Rock - decent CC’s +7000, wake up rising tackle into CC works good. roll canceling. but not so intimidating as in K or C.

Wake up rising tackle gets blocked, low forward XX TIGER RAID!

C-Ken does more damage than his “brother” A groove ken. His ground CC does what? 7000+ And Im being nice. His L2 cancel from midscreen about the same. But the thing that makes C Ken better is that he has a good way to comboing in Super than he has to activate.

wtf, are you saying A blanka is worse than C, P, N, K blanka? cuz A blanka is definitely not worse than those.

A/C/N > K > P blanka

and chase is an RC whore ;[

yup thats why I said his A groove is probably his best… but unless sum1 has sumthin to say about it that uses C groove…

but his C groove combo does take off more dmg… but harder to get…
so A is the winner!

Ken’s short, short, short is a pretty good way to land his super. You can also hit confirm that easier than any a groove set up. It takes more skill to get it to work well than his a groove combo, but that seems to be the skill necessary to play ken.

Actually, I think it’s easier to land the C groove combo. Crouching shorts to hit confirm it, crouching medium… there are many more ways to get that damage in. A Ken doesn’t have solid setups, at least none like the more common A groove characters.

A-ken has Jab activate like Sakera. Or he can do Cross-up MK. Cr.MP CR.lp activate link low forward! It’s hard but it’s worth learning if you are going to play A-ken.

but his AA CC is what gives the groove the edge… cuz it can mess up a JD and/or a parry when u activate it… and its pretty easy to hit…

and u have less chances of screwing up… mite as well compare the activation to an RC.