Characters limbs

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I play third strike for a long time now and I still wonder why some characters animation make the limbs “grow” in size. For exemple ken : His foot become bigger.

Is there a specific reason ?

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Here is a video of Pyrolee to get you started:

Dander makes a good point.

But to be boring and answer your question in a strait forward manor, I’d say its artistic license to a degree. Cartoon deformation with an anime bent. It emphasizes the power and speed of the strike as well as allowing the artists to get creative. Characters like Necro and 12 are obvious examples. All of the cast have those awesome nuances though. It’s one of the elements that gives 3rd Strike its distinctive art style.

Have you noticed how when Makoto does Hayate she looks like she’s melting backwards?


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There was an article about the use of this technique in fighting games somewhere. I think it makes it visually appealing.

It’s just a basic animation technique. Chuck Jones pioneered blur frames as well in his Dover Boys short.

Must be that Battletoads effect…

“She was introduced years later in the third iteration of Darkstalkers, when the animators had matured even further in their abilities. Q-bee’s animation is almost on par with Street Fighter III (my all time favorite game).”

^Hell yeah^

Interesting article for those of us that aren’t trained animators.

I loved reading that article. Stages are worth mentioning. The table on Chun Li’s stage… That shit is sooooooooooo cheap. Anyone remember what match that was that one player was using the table as cover for their pokes? I think it was an SBO match and I remember seeing that thinking “Wow, that’s an awesome strategy.” Then employing that strategy thinking “wow, this is some old bullshit.”

You know what the best part of that article is?

Nowhere is MORRIGAN mentioned! :-P, oh that ugly ass sprite.

That sprite looked absolutely horrible in CVS2.

It was the worst though, when you put ugly Morrigan next to awesome looking Cable in MvC2…

in most of the cases with 3S it’s to give the sense of 3 dimensions imo.
usually the power of a move has a lot more to do with build up and follow through. unless it’s a game like darkstalkers where lots of squashing and stretching is part of the desired look.

ken’s foot doesn’t really grow much (if it does) at all, but he is swinging it out towards the viewer before it comes in and hits the opponent, then recedes and grows smaller.
same with hugo’s strong. his hand doesn’t get larger really, it only gets smaller as he follows through and his hand recedes towards the background as it moves across his body.

i think they were going for a smooth and somewhat realistic appearance to things. if you notice in 3S there are quite a few moves which have a large horizontal component to them. which seems like they also worked to design mechanically as well. for instance ryu/ken’s far fierce. the hitbox is all hit. i think that was done in part to illustrate the move being a hook and coming from a less protected or anticipated direction (the side).

dander actually made me more aware of that quality (the mechanical commonalities of some of the very horizontal moves in the game, horizontal here meaning the z axis (depth))

That was Nuki vs Justin Wong, evo 07 or 08

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Maybe it’s just because I’m scrub but I don’t see how that’s using the table. It just looked like he was walking back and crouch blocking to get him to come in on him…

Just because Seth says something doesnt make it what they were doing. I hardly believe Nuki was thinking “if I constantly crouch behind this table, Jwong won’t be able to see my character LOL”.

Considering Japanese players still use the tactic it’s a safe bet that Seth was correct in his statement.

Yes, they use the table to their advantage