Characters on foil covers you would like to see

We have Chun-Li,Ken,Ryu,Bison,Akuma and Guile so far, with Sakura,Fei Long, and Vega coming up. Of course,I would like to see all the characters show up on their own foil cover, but the next ones I would like to see are Blanka,Sagat,Zangief,Gen, Dan and Cammy. In the third strike arc when it comes around I would like to see Hugo,Q, Oro and Elena most of all. What about the rest of you?

Dan,Guy and goutesu spelling might be worng (Akuma’s and Gouken’s master) :cool:

  1. Sagat
  2. Dudley
  3. Oro

The rest could come in any order

Zangief and Dan would make my day. How about Zangief piledriving Dan?

HAHA! good idea~ killing two birds with one stone!

Dhalsim, Zangief and Blanka

Also whats the deal with the Vega Powerfoil?? Hes not doing anything but striking a pose. I thought the point of the power foils is they are doing special stuff, like there powers, ye know?

All men, just what i expected from you. You like men.

…uhhh… :confused:

There are a lot of people that chose all men characters. wtf? Just because they’re my favorite characters dosnt mean Im fuckin gay.

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I Eat Dirt and Firetrainer60, u 2 crack me up…hahaha

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i would love to see a cammy foil cover, surprisin there hasn’t been one, especially with most of the issues focusin on her. jo chen’s cammy looks hot (c back of #6 for sneak skecth shot)

i’m also interested in how a udon necro would work and an evil ryu or at least a ryu overcome by the satsu no hadou, with black/purple flames behind him, that’d b pretty sweet imo

I would like to see Charlie for a foil cover, even though he’s dead, he’s still my 2nd favorite character. I would REALLY hope they would make one of Charlie…pretty pwease Udon?


If there were ever any fan-club exclusive type things started up, I think a reprint of the Ryu cover would be neat if it got repainted to be Evil Ryu. Or just a brand new cover in a different pose would be sweet too. Oh and a bright pink Dan cover would rock.

LOL… this thread is cracking me up… anyhoo… here’s my 2 cents…

I’d LOOOOVE to see a Gouken (ken and ryu’s master), Evil Ryu and Charlie Power foil!

EVIL RYU all the way!

ooo charlie, i would like to see charlie too, but here’s my most wanted list

  1. Ibuki!!!

and another chunli wouldnt be bad either :smiley: i still need to get the first chunli one, but i guess the only place is on ebay :frowning:

yikhai -

I caught Jo Chen’s Cammy at the back of issue #06, too, and loved it as well. Did anyone else catch that the foil cover for #6 was done by Arnold Tsang and NOT Jo Chen? What’s up with this? I thought she was doing all the foils.


perhaps she was pressed for time on her other projects? To my knowledge, I don’t think Jo Chen is ONLY doing SF covers… but Arnold’s Akuma Power foil is BY FAR MY FAVE POWER FOIL THUS FAR!! The POWER portrayed by Akuma on that cover is SICK~

Yeah, I like the issue#06 foil a lot, too, especially since issue #06 is my favorite issue. Seriously though, Jo Chen needs to do a backstory; she’s very talented.

You know how in some comics they will show you pictures of the artists’ previous works in the back? (example: Secret War #1 showed some of Del’Otto’s previous paintings). I think it’d be REALLY cool to have one or two of the backstory artist’s previous works after their backstories. What do you guys think?


Firetrainer60 called me up and said he would like to see the following characters on greasy, shiny, oiled up covers:

George Michael

Richard Simmons

Eric Estrada

You nasty man.

i agree KentDog, just 2 pages of either some of their previous work they donated or at least some skecthes street fighter style just to show how they got into drawin the back-up

i didn’t notice arnold tsang did the #6 foil until i saw it in the back of the trade paper back, mayb jo chen was on another project or wasn’t comfortable wit doin akuma (i doubt it though). nevertheless it is a sweetcover and i’m glad jo chen picked up, doin an amazing ryu foil cover, the only foil cover i own and am very proud to

Lee from Street Fighter 1. :lol: