Character's Playstyle

Hi, I made this thread looking for people to post what they think each Character?s Playstyle is. So like are they offensive or defensive, range or melee and so on, but the more detail the better, so like why they are what they are. Also what would you say that Character?s Pros and Cons are.

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Rachel plays very offensively as she has very few actual defensive skills. The frog and pumpkin are only useful during offense or to start an offense, batpoles are for zoning/damage in combos or preventing dash-ins.

She has no real defensive mechanic, all of her moves can be punished except for counter-hit catchairs and anti-air catpunch.

She tends to hybrid between being projectile pressure and close pressure, though the former almost always turns into the latter into a rushdown cornertrap.

She cannot play projectile wars as her projectiles tend to fly over other projectiles, and are slower, but tend to deal more damage during a good connection.

Just my two cents.’

Then again, most characters in this game (Sans Haku-men) are pressure characters, so she just reinvents the wheel with some new gimmicks :3

I’d recommend checking each characters thread and maybe some youtube vids.

Only you can prevent redundant threads.

I main Carl and sub Jin.

Jin is much easier to describe. He’s definitely the most well-rounded character in the game and can be played both defensively and offensively with success. From defense, he has extremely good pokes like 5D and 4 different shoryukens, plus a fairly good projectile game. The worst con I can think of is that his shoryukens are VERY punishable on whiff/gaurd, so they must be used wisely or he’ll eat a combo.

His offensive pressure is fantastic - his D pokes have a lot of block stun, his mixup is pretty great, he can get into zoning character’s faces with a well timed ice car, and everyone hates shaking out of freezes. He can use 2B or 5B as tech traps when people roll towards him. The worst fault I can think of is his lack of a good overhead. His 6A is pretty slow and has very short range, leaving aerials as his most reliable high which is easier to predict.

Carl is a little tricky to describe. His HP and Gaurd Libra are very low, so he needs to keep rushdown characters at bay with a mix of zoning pokes. 5C has decent range for ground poking, 2B and 5B are a little more risky. He can catch people in the air with allegretto or with a clap/con brio from nirvana, his anti air 6A is extremely risky and flat out won’t work on some characters. Generally he needs to stick by nirvana’s side which can make him pretty defensive. His offense is where he really shines because of the clap loop infinite - with good enough execution, he only needs one poke to connect for him to force you into a clap grab loop for all of your life, even if nirvana isn’t nearby initially. If he manages to trap his opponent between him and nirvana he can lay the pressure on thick.

The best way to figure out who will fit your play style best is to try them for yourself. Researching both character specific threads as well as videos will also help you get an idea, but a random person on the internet won’t be able to help you out.

Carl is easy to describe.

He’s the Magneto of BlazBlue. You’re trying to land the clap loop.


But it can be kinda true, IMO.

Haku-men is the kind of like the Balrog of BB.
He spends a lot of time turtling, and is comfortable sitting on a lead and waiting for you to come to him. But also like Balrog, he can REALLY turn up the offensive pressure when need be. He waits for you to make a mistake, and capitalizes on it in a huge way. Again, like Rog, he can utterly rape you in the corner with insane pressure strings, unpredictable over-heads, and the occasional grab (Which for Haku-men means HUGE damage, if you have enough stars)