Characters references from?


Divekick has lots of parody and references to the FGC but I dont recognize all of them.
So far i only recognize

-Jefaily > Alex Jebaily the TO of CEO.
-S Kill > Seth Killian, old school SF player and ex Capcom Community manager
-Mr. N > Marn a ex sponsered FG player
-Markman > Tekken player and comminity manager of madcatz.
-Stream > i guess live internet streams of majors?

Also the game uses vocabulary such as choke, fraud frequently used within the FGC

Can you guys fill in any other known references.


Stream is a reference to the stream monsters. Here are the other references.

Dive = Yang. As far as archetypes go, I would say he’s the Ryu of the game.
Kick = Yun. He’s the Ken.
Kung Pao = Kung Lao from MK
Baz = rejected SF2 character. He’s one of the backer-requested characters.
Kenny = Another backer-requested character. He’s based off of the backer’s dead brother, who liked to pick random select. The fighting stance is Goku’s.
Dr. Shoals = Dr. Doom from MvC3
Uncle Sensei = No real references as far as I know, but story-wise, he’s Gouken. He could even be Chun-Li; in the SF3 universe, Yun and Yang are her nephews.
Redacted = Wolverine from MvC3. Originally, Redacted was actually called Wolverine but the name was changed for obvious reasons.


Stream = Stream monster I believe


Uncle Sensei has a lot of references to The Dude (from The Big Lebowski. See: my avatar) in his story mode.


Uncle Sensei’s feet-first divekick looks like Akuma’s d+MK, and his hand-first divekick looks like Raiden’s superman move.

Stance changing is from Gen in SF Alpha series and SF4.

Also kinda looks like Solid Snake with the headband and camo boots.


I’d like to see some proof regarding that. A quick Google search yielded this, but it ain’t the same.


The major comparison is the closed right hand and open left with two extended fingers.


That’s a common stance in karate in general.


Ah okay, thanks. Guess I didn’t look hard enough/was being too specific.


Zubaz as popularized by Two Best Friends Play


Y’all need to check Wikis